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IXOLUTION’s vision and customer promise are the result of over 20 years of experience in the transport and logistics sector. Transport processes will never be fully optimal; logistics service providers are continuously seeking new and more intelligent ways of performing them. Hence, the name IXOLUTION is seamlessly aligned with what the market demands: a synonym for the ever-smarter execution of logistics processes. IXOLUTION is an independent software company that develops logistics IT solutions.

There is an ever-greater need for smart IT applications to manage and monitor intermodal supply chains. Insight into what is happening both upstream and downstream in the supply chain is extremely important in order to plan shipments effectively. Suitable IT applications are indispensable, helping national and international multimodal logistics companies to better serve their customers.

IXOLUTION has noticed that a growing number of logistics service providers are opting for the multimodal IXSuite solutions. Meanwhile, the Business Intelligence, Mobile and Web applications are gaining in popularity, and so too are the logistics CRM module and the financial functionality. The software products have all been developed in line with the logistics sector’s needs. The tools help businesses to plan and monitor their (multimodal) transport activities, to manage terminal operations and to coordinate rail cargo activities. This results in precisely what the company IXOLUTION stands for: ensuring that logistics service providers have greater visibility and can operate more flexibly and effectively while simultaneously improving their service levels.

At IXOLUTION everything always revolves around our customers – that is our customer promise. A large and ever-increasing number of logistics service providers in Europe are already using IXSuite. Reliability and flexibility are the core values of the IXOLUTION software. Once the foundation is in place, it opens up opportunities for insight, flexibility, a higher service level and innovative additional services. It is our mission to help our customers optimize their performance supported by clear, smart and effective transport management applications. Rather than singing our own praises, we prefer to refer you to our ambassadors: a growing group of satisfied logistics businesses.

When developing logistics software, at IXOLUTION we have opted for applications based on open standards. As a result of this vision, it is easier for our customers to integrate the TMS software with their chain partners’ systems. After all, supply chain visibility depends on the seamless exchange of data.

IXSuite is the flagship product among the IXOLUTION applications. IXSuite comprises the following modules: IXTransportOperator, IXTerminalOperator, IXRailOperator, IXBargeOperator, Cleaning, Workshop and CRM. In addition to the core applications, various customers also utilize the following modules: IXBizzi (Business Intelligence application), IXMobile (Mobile application/Driver App), IXWeb (web platform for data exchange) and IXMap (route planner).