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Crown in Europe - Ideas That Advance

Crown Equipment Corporation, headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, USA has been a family-run business since its inception in 1945. Today, Crown is one of the world’s largest companies specialising in state-of-the-art material handling solutions. Around the world, Crown has 18 manufacturing facilities at 11 locations in the USA, Germany, Mexico and China. A tight network of more than 500 retail outlets in 84 countries ensures the best possible local customer support.

Crown’s European headquarters in Munich, Germany, is the administrative hub coordinating the activities of all Crown subsidiaries and the company’s many dealerships in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA). For the last 30 years, Crown has been building forklift trucks in the Bavarian town of Roding near Munich for the European and global markets.

The Crown name stands for award-winning product design and advanced, intelligent engineering, as well as proven reliability, high productivity and first-class customer service. The company’s top priority is to build sustainable, long-lasting relationships with its customers. In addition to a comprehensive range of lift trucks, Crown develops and sells pioneering automation and fleet management technologies. These innovative products and solutions are designed to add genuine value for customers by helping to enhance real-world logistics performance while simultaneously reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) in the warehouse.

Crown’s product portfolio includes a versatile range of tough, long-lasting lift trucks suitable for almost any application and any industry – from the unique, multifunctional Wave® Work Assist Vehicle to hand pallet trucks and reach trucks through to narrow-aisle turret trucks and counterbalance trucks. They all share one thing in common – a commitment to top quality, safety and productivity, combined with exceptional ergonomics and ease of operation. Crown regularly wins prestigious national and international prizes and awards for its products and material handling solutions.

In 2016, the RT 4000 Series of rider pallet trucks won the coveted International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) award in the “Warehouse Trucks Lowlifter” category. In making this prestigious award, the independent jury of internationally respected trade journalists acknowledged the customer benefits delivered by the forklift. Its compact, ergonomic design and well thought-out safety features make it ideal for users who need high productivity in very confined spaces.

With the launch of QuickPick® Remote, Crown introduced a sophisticated order-picking technology based on a remote-control system integrated into a work glove. Developed in-house by Crown, the system significantly improves on traditional picking processes, increasing order-picking productivity by up to 25 per cent. Launched in 2014, the order-picking system has been showered with prestigious awards, including the IFOY Award, iF Design Award, German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN Award and International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). Industry commentators regularly acknowledge the highly innovative thinking behind the remote-control system, as well as its exceptional efficiency. In April 2015, Crown further enhanced the already popular system to cover another area of application. The new version of the “magic glove” is capable of remotely raising and lowering the forks of the company’s ES 4000 and ET 4000 Series stackers.

Crown’s Insite® productivity suite is an integrated data management solution that gives fleet managers detailed, full-spectrum updates on their entire lift-truck fleet based on real-time data. The suite combines the popular InfoLink® fleet management system – winner of the 2013 IFOY award in the “Forklift Truck Solutions” category – with the FleetSTATS® fleet cost management system in a single, integrated solution.

Crown’s vertically-integrated manufacturing is unique in the industry, allowing the company to keep tight control of product quality and sustainability, and respond flexibly to the most complex and detailed customer requirements. Up to 85 per cent of the components used in Crown products are developed and manufactured in-house by Crown. The modular design of Crown lift trucks means that spare parts are readily available, because identical components are used across multiple series and models. In Europe, spare parts are distributed centrally by the European Parts Centre in Pliening near Munich, which ships the parts by overnight delivery directly to engineers’ vans or customer premises throughout Crown’s core European markets.

For more information on Crown and the company’s ideas for helping customers reduce costs, advance the productivity of their operations and accomplish more, visit the Crown Website www.crown.com


Product news

  • Versatility on all levels: Crown introduces next generation Work Assist Vehicle

    Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, today introduced the Crown WAV 60 Series designed with features to help achieve a greater level of safety, efficiency and flexibility for applications where ladders are typically used to reach up to five metres such as those found in retail and manufacturing Settings.Better known as the Wave®, the Crown Work Assist® vehicle is ideal for workers receiving, shipping and stocking small loads or products in busy, confined spaces, as well as order picking and order fulfilment. It can travel and lift simultaneously, so operators can move efficiently around a facility while raising and lowering to the appropriate heights in one smooth, seamless operation. The on-board Access 1 2 3 control system enables optimum performance and control through intelligent coordination of operator prompts, lift/lower operations, steering and braking, performance levels and other vehicle systems.


  • Crown earns third IFOY Award with RT 4000 Series rider pallet trucks win in the “Warehouse Trucks Lowlifter” category

    Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, won the coveted International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award for the third time. The award was presented at the CeMAT trade fair in Hanover. Crown’s RT 4000 Series of rider pallet trucks took the prestigious award in the “Warehouse Trucks Lowlifter” category.

    Over the IFOY testing period in February, the independent jury of internationally respected trade journalists was impressed by the customer benefits delivered by the RT 4020 stand-up rider pallet truck. The IFOY test report stated that “the Crown RT 4020 is ideal for users with very limited operating space who need high productivity. The pallet truck’s narrow design is, for example, perfect for pallet put-away in very confined spaces. The transverse operator platform provides good visibility in both directions.”

    According to the Jury, the deciding factor was the extremely high productivity in tight spaces. "A compact design for the level of performance, important ergonomic features and, in particular, a range of safety features are implemented into this machine in an excellent fashion."

    The Crown RT 4020 stand-up rider pallet truck was launched in October 2015 with a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg. It combines rugged, powerful lift-truck technology with innovative safety features to deliver both responsiveness and reliability. Thanks to a chassis width of just 780 mm, its manoeuverability and performance is ideal for fast-paced dock work, even in very confined spaces. Designed and manufactured by Crown, the AC motor is capable of powerful acceleration at speeds of up to 12.5 km/h. For first-class ride comfort, the RT 4020 features a suspended floorboard plus a wraparound, soft-foam lean pad, and can be configured with right-hand or left-hand steering as required.

    “For us, Crown’s third IFOY Award for lift-truck technology is above all a further confirmation of our design approach, which consistently puts operators at the heart of the development process,” said Ken Dufford, Crown Vice President. “Consequently, we have produced yet another high-performance, high-value product in the form of our RT 4000 Series, which delivers higher productivity and improved safety in the warehouse while simultaneously reducing costs.”

    In 2013, Crown took the top IFOY Award in the “Forklift Truck Solutions” category for the company’s wireless fleet and operator management system, InfoLink®. In 2014, Crown’s QuickPick® Remote order-picking technology won the award in the “Warehouse Trucks” category.

    About the IFOY Award
    The aim of the IFOY Award is to identify and recognise the year’s best material handling equipment and intralogistics solutions, and document the industry’s performance capability and innovative drive. In doing so, the competition aims to enhance the public perception and competitiveness of the intralogistics industry as a whole, and has become one of the industry’s most prestigious awards. The award is made annually by an independent jury of internationally reputed trade journalists.


  • Transport & Logistics in Liége: Crown presents forklift solutions for efficient material handling

    Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, will be exhibiting at this year’s Transport & Logistics trade fair in Liége. From May 17 to May 18, 2017, the forklift manufacturer will be presenting innovative solutions for enhancing warehouse efficiency and improving productivity on Stand 6012. Amongst others, Crown will feature its flexible double stackers from the DT Series, and the new generation of the Crown Work Assist Vehicle, better known as the “Wave”.

    “At Transport & Logistics, we’ll be showing visitors how we can meet our customers’ growing demand for suitable solutions that increase productivity while reducing costs in the warehouse,” explains Stéphane van den Bogaert, General Manager for Crown in Belgium. “Our customers expect reliable, robust products and advanced technologies from us, so that they can continuously improve the productivity and efficiency of their fleet vehicles and operators. With our extensive product range, tailored finance and maintenance programmes and customer-focused services, we can provide individual responses to each customer’s specific needs.”

    Reliable solutions for improving performance and cutting costs in the warehouse

    Crown’s DT Series double stackers are ideal forklifts for high density, stock-to-dock applications – combining the capability of a heavy-duty stacker, the flexibility of a pallet truck, and the capability to transport two 1000 kg pallets. The DT Series is designed to deliver pure performance to withstand the constant challenges of warehouse environments, so operators can be as productive as possible all shift long. Crown’s Active Traction is the key. It continually varies pressure on the drive tyre depending on speed, steering angle, fork height, load distribution, acceleration and braking. The patented weight-adjustable, folding FlexRide platform provides ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension for the operator’s body weight. Crown’s advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform, and other truck components.

    With its intuitive controls, the Wave® Work Assist Vehicle simultaneously enhances safety, productivity and flexibility in applications with operator reach heights of up to five metres for which ladders are normally used. It also excels in busy, confined spaces in a wide variety of retail, distribution and manufacturing scenarios. These include handling and transporting small loads in receiving, shipping and put-away applications, as well as order picking. The new WAV 60, nominated for this year’s International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award in the “Special Vehicle” category, is also ideal for facility cleaning and maintenance at height.

  • The New Crown WP 3010: Strong, Robust, Reliable – and Compact.

    Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has launched the WP 3010 electric pallet truck, extending the forklift manufacturer’s well-established WP 3000 Series of pallet trucks. Weighing from 279 kg (without battery), the new truck boasts a load capacity of up to 1.6 tonnes, is exceptionally light, yet powerful and robust. Fitted with durable steel covers, the pallet truck is tough enough to withstand extremely arduous working environments while its compact dimensions mean the WP 3010 is easy to manoeuvre in extremely confined spaces, making it especially suitable for use in narrow supermarket aisles or back-of-lorry applications.
    Any electric pallet truck which is used in tight retail environments and on lorries to make daily deliveries is subject to a unique set of challenges. Negotiating varied surfaces, entering through narrow doorways, operating in elevators and congested aisles while handling awkward loads are normal situations


  • Newest Design Awards Lift Crown to Historic Achievement

    Crown has now gained more than 100 international industrial design awards for its forklifts since 1962. The latest recognitions are the GOOD DESIGNTM Awards for the SC 6000 Series forklift and the PTH Work Assist® System, as well as the iF International Forum Design Award for the WAV 60 Work Assist Vehicle.The Crown WAV 60 Series order picker is designed with features to help achieve a greater level of safety, efficiency and flexibility in situations where ladders are typically used to access high storage locations, such as those found in retail and manufacturing applications. Better known as the Wave®, the Crown Work Assist® vehicle is ideal for workers receiving, shipping and stocking/shelving small loads and products in busy, confined spaces, as well as order picking and order fulfilment. It can travel and lift simultaneously allowing operators to move efficiently around a facility while raising and lowering to the appropriate heights in one smooth and seamless operation.