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QEOS specialises in developing geolocation-based time registration solutions. We offer comprehensive and flexible solutions adapted to the way you work.

Sector-specific solutions? We also work out solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What is happening outside your company walls?
Everything that happens with your teams, vehicles and equipment is registered and geolocated in real time. The time you gain can be used to better manage external activities and optimise decision making.

Easy and profitable
The solutions are geared to your business activities and quickly generate time gain. The clear solutions accompany your employees while they work, ensuring that they do not lose sight of anything that's going on.

Professional applications and reliable hardware
The applications, developed in consultation with people in the sector, meet business requirements and reflect users' work processes.
The industrial-quality hardware and ergonomic applications are modular, offering you a solution that meets your needs.


Product news

  • The Vlarebo Law? Already integrated at QEOS!

    The new Vlarebo entered into force on 1 April 2019. The use of bentonite sludge (drilling mud) from controlled drilling is now regulated by the "resistance regulation". The Sustainable Environment Conversion Company (RDL) is taking off, thanks to QEOS' tailor-made software, which allows it to effectively monitor the flow of products for supply, production and disposal.