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Toyota Material Handling Belgium provides a complete range of BT warehouse equipment, Toyota counterbalanced forklift trucks and racking solutions, supported by added value solutions and excellent services. Located close to our customers, we have more than 100 service technicians. Our European production facilities are based in Ancenis (France), Bologna (Italy) and Mjölby (Sweden).


Product news

  • Toyota Material Handling Belgium has been rewarded Gold EcoVadis Level

    EcoVadis, the leading organization that monitors sustainability in global supply chains, counts Toyota Material Handling Belgium among the 2% best suppliers in the world in its market segment, evaluated by EcoVadis in the past year. This is great news for us and our customers as well.
    The demands placed on companies to improve their sustainability performances are increasing every year. To achieve their ambitious goals, these companies must work together with suppliers who approach sustainability in the same way.
    Quality in everything we do: sustainable production, continuous improvement and transparence (Kaizen) form the silver lining in everything we do at Toyota Material Handling. Our commitment to sustainability goes back many years and has it origins in the first environmental action plan of our parent enterprise (Toyota Industries Corporation), set up in 1993. As the largest forklift manufacturer in the world, Toyota has great social and environmental responsibility. The fact that EcoVadis gives us their approval, signifies that we are following the right approach.
    “Although we were very satisfied with the Silver Level, this was not our end point. The goal was to grow towards the Gold level. We are proud to announce that we achieved the Gold Level with a score of 63/100”, thus Walter Van Vlasselaer, Quality & Safety Manager at Toyota Material Handling Belgium.

    “We recently moved into our new offices and working place in Willebroek”, continues Managing Director Hughues Van Espen. “The offices use 100% renewable energy and facilities such as sanitary, use rain water. Our CO2 intensity – measured in the amount of kilograms of CO2 that we emit to generate one euro in revenue – has dropped 20% since 2018 and we are motivated to improve even more. By doing this we are reinforcing our ambitious objectives. Despite the Gold level, there is still room for improvement, which we will certainly do!”


  • Toyota Material Handling Europe and Eneo Solutions join forces in strategic solar energy programme

    The partnership will be carried out in a strategic solar programme with the ambition to implement solar power systems at Toyota Material Handing’s own sites and develop solar power solutions that can be integrated within Toyota’s product offering.
    As a first step, rooftop solar power systems will be installed at Toyota Material Handling's production and management facilities in five countries, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Installations are planned to take place later in 2019 and the headquarters in Mjölby is first out.

    Towards a carbon-free society
    Electrification is accelerating within logistics, driving an increased demand for renewable energy. Electric forklift trucks with lithium-ion batteries, powered by solar electricity from a company's own roof can create environmental as well as financial gains. The vision for this solar programme is therefore also to develop solar power solutions that lets Toyota Material Handling's partners and customers move the world towards a carbon free society. The solutions will extend from rooftop solar power solutions up to Li-ion batteries as stationary storage for solar power. The programme is an important step towards reaching Toyota's energy targets of 100% renewable electricity in 2020 and zero carbon emissions from all products and solutions by 2050.

    Stationary storage for solar energy
    Under the programme, the module-based Li-ion batteries will be given a third life as cost-efficient, stationary storage for solar energy. Thereby electric trucks can be charged with solar energy, even when the sun is not shining.

    "This partnership is one of a kind. Toyota is determined to reach zero emissions for their products, an ambition to which solar power and battery solutions are a stepping stone. Eneo is proud to be a part of this journey." says Harald


  • Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020 is looking for baggage handling solutions

    With billions of pieces of baggage being handled at airports around the world each year, baggage handling is a major operation which Toyota Material Handling Europe is increasing its focus on. That's why Toyota is calling all design students and recent graduates (2019) around the world to come up with a solution to improve the logistics of baggage handling at airports. "While two years ago we focused on the last-mile delivery of packages, this year's challenge is about baggage handling at airports, which we feel is in need of a major makeover," says Magnus Oliveira Andersson, Head of Design at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

    Baggage handling: Can you make it fly?
    The competition opens now and welcomes all submissions that reflect the Toyota heritage and brand. The deadline closes on 22 October 2019, after which a panel of professionals working around design and innovation within Toyota (such as Toyota Material Handling, Toyota Industries Corporation, Vanderlande, Raymond, ...) will evaluate all complete submissions and determine the finalists. All finalists will get feedback from the jury towards the end of November and a chance to rework their proposals for the final jury session. Experts and industry leaders will make the final decision and select the winners of the competition.
    Finalists will be invited to the award ceremony in Sweden and will have their work exhibited at the Hannover Messe in Germany. Additionally, they will be awarded with cash prizes and have the opportunity to apply for a six-month paid internship at the Toyota Material Handling Design Center. To find more information and enter the competition, visit the Toyota Logistic Design Competition page.

    The Toyota Logistic Design Competition is part of Toyota's Logiconomi programme. Logiconomi is the word Toyota Material Handling uses to describe its way of thinking - aiming for 'lean' processes, eliminating waste, maximising efficiency and reducing cost.


Job ads

  • Servicetechnieker regio Anderlecht - Groot Bijgaarden - Halle (Thermisch)

    Wat ga je doen?
    Je verricht onderhoud en herstellingen aan een breed assortiment vorkheftrucks (Thermisch) en magazijntrucks bij uiteenlopende klanten in jouw regio. Het uitvoeren van keuringen en het oplossen van storingen maakt ook deel uit van je werkzaamheden. Met een volledig uitgeruste service camionette werk je zelfstandig en ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor de planning van je afspraken.
    Wil je lezen hoe een dag van een servicetechnieker bij Toyota er concreet uit ziet? Klik dan op deze link.