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Engels Logistics nv

Engels Logistics nv


3583 Beringen

Engels produces and supplies (customer-specific) multi-use durable packaging and storage products from plastic and / or metal. In addition, we also have an extensive range of products for waste collection: from a pedal bin to a underground press container. We are also happy to relieve you of the associated service work and the complete automation of waste collection.

In short: we supply to enterprises in all branches, but we also have quality products for your home. We have a large assortment of bins, pallets, pallet boxes, containers, seals and racks in stock in our warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Top quality products and proven (own) brands. Competitively priced and delivered quickly.

Engels is happy to help you design and make bins that exactly fit your warehouse, transport or production method. We have already assisted many companies and municipalities with this. Our innovative attitude and knowledge in the field of plastic and steel has already led to many successful projects.


Product news

  • Custom-made product carriers, to improve your production process.

    Imagine, a product carrier, custom made to match completely with your product. This will optimize capacity and protection. Combined with our pallets, bins and lids you can create a transport unit to forward the goods in a safe way.

    Both our bins and our product carriers are qualified for automatic handling.

    Engels Logistics nv is an international company with a distinctive selection of plastic bins, pallets, pallet boxes and racks for the logistic, environmental and food industry.


  • Engels Logistics: Ambassador of the Year

    For more than 15 years, Engels Logistics has been working with tailor-made companies to cope with peaks in production. This collaboration varies from assembling and screen printing to supporting mailings.

    Thanks to the clear agreements and structured way of working, even more complex assignments have been completed without problems.

    Engels is determined to promote cooperation with people with a distance from the labor market.