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Boplan BVBA

Boplan BVBA


8560 Wevelgem


BOPLAN designs and manufactures durable and extremely efficient traffic barriers, handrails and other safety products with a focus to offer optimal protection to people, buildings and other infrastructure.

Our innovative polymer-based barriers and handrails are as strong as traditional steel products. However they actually absorb accidental impacts so that paint jobs, repairs or replacements become a thing of the past.

Our advanced technology makes our barriers flexible, so that they return to their original state after impact!

Our systems are fully modular, independently tested to exceed the strictest standards and have been validated by thousands of customers in warehouses, production halls, airports, drilling platforms and (petro) chemical sites.


Product news


    Enter the Dock Gate! A loading dock is always a hive of activity: warehouse staff use it for stacking, loading and unloading with the support of forklift trucks bringing in or taking out the goods. It is at times like this that employees may accidentally step into the void of the loading dock or lose their balance and fall in. Loading docks are made entirely out of concrete. It doesn't take much to be out of action for weeks after a fall like that.

    These events are painful to the employee of course, but also to the employer, as a temporary replacement must be found and the logistics process often suffers delays. That is why prevention is better than cure. The Dock Gate is the perfect solution. This safety gate with a double rail system guarantees optimal fall protection and provides a very safe working environment to staff and pedestrians in loading zones.

    The safety gate is equipped with a hydraulic auxiliary mechanism for smooth and easy operation. Its fall protection system also protects your doorways. The Dock Gate has few components, which reduces the installation time to a minimum.



    Entering a loading dock will always be a tricky operation: visibility is far from optimal and drivers do not always hear the people who are trying to warn them.

    Loading docks are associated with several risks. A driver may make an assessment or control error or lose control of the steering wheel in certain weather conditions. This may seriously damage both the lorry or trailer and the loading dock and doors and the repairs are often hugely expensive.

    You can avoid these high costs by installing Dock Bumpers: robust, wear-resistant loading dock protectors in polyurethane. Polymer Dock Bumpers are far more resistant to wear, cuts and tears than the conventional EPDM rubber products on the market. Dock Bumpers are also reinforced with an integrated, galvanised metal plate. The Dock Bumpers’ size and striking colour result in extra visibility and safety during docking.



    The idea behind the FLIP is to enable the protection of infrastructure quickly and easily using kick rails. By means of four different connection pieces, you can wind this type of board around and along drive paths, machines, walls (cold store walls, decorative walls or sandwich panels) and other building elements without having to cope with straight angles. This ensures that the FLIP is a cost-efficient solution for absorbing impacts close to the ground.

    The I-shaped FLIP is available in various lengths and can absorb maximum 3,000 Joules impacts at the rail and the connection pieces. The FLIP is easy to mount and combines perfectly with other collision safeguard products for maximum safety!

    The boards are made from ultra-high impact polymer and you can use them in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, the protection board is available including a rubber sealing that provides the chemical and food industries with the most hygienic solution in the area of collision safeguards. Furthermore, the FLIP can withstand temperatures of -10°C up to 40°C, which is something that these sectors appreciate very much.

    Additional advantages
    In addition to protection, mounting the FLIP kick rails also provides practical advantages. Due to its distinctive two-colour appearance, you can also use this type of board to organise an orderly division of goods in loading & unloading zones. This provides a clear visual distinction and also prevents goods from rolling or sliding away from a certain area or demarcation.

    The FLIP can also be used superbly as wheel guides for pallet trucks and trolleys. In drive paths full of activity, the resilient protection board ensures that everything occurs properly without any damage to the trolleys driving through the drive paths.