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Nicholls Transport


ME102FF Sittingbourne
United Kingdom

General Haulage


Product news

  • Nicholls Transport will have the only LNG refuelling stallion and the largest LNG fleet based in the South East of the UK


    ~ Natural Gas is non-toxic, non-corrosive and has no potential for ground or water contamination

    ~ Natural Gas vehicles can enter Low Emission zones

    ~ Natural Gas will reduce our CO2 by up to 20% and can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) and reactive hydrocarbons, which form ground-level ozone, by as much as 90%. Emission of heavy metals (eg mercury) and particulate matter is 100% reduced

    ~ There is enough biomethane available in the UK to power tens of thousands of commercial vehicles. Biomethane can be produced by using waste products, reducing the burden on land fill and incineration. The use of biomethane can reduce CO2 by up to 85-95%

    ~ Natural Gas reduces engine noise which helps improve quality of life for those living in urban areas (up to 71dB less)

    ~ Natural Gas tanks are able to withstand direct impacts, vehicle rollovers and even fires

    ~ It’s a safe and proven technology now available on vehicles to 44 tonnes

    ~ Natural Gas vehicles deliver similar horsepower ratings to their diesel counterparts. Natural Gas has a higher octane rating than diesel which allows for increased engine compression and combustion efficiency. This can lead to longer engine life

    ~ With Natural Gas there is no need for additives such as AdBlue

    Sales/Marketing: +44 (0) 1795 415845
    Transport Desk Tel: +44 (0) 1795 411085
    Email: sales@nicholls-uk.co.uk