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Eurotracs nv

Eurotracs nv


9620 Zottegem

EuroTracs is an ICT-integrator and consultancy company within the field of transport, mobility and logistics.

Within our organization, we are specialized in offering following services:

1. Our products for transport- and fleetmanagement where we are specialized in offering transport software and related services like the integration of telematics and boardcomputer systems.

2.The development and implementation of software and hardware offered as projects and related to transport, global logistics and mobility within the environment of transport, shipping or services oriented companies. Exampes of projects where EuroTracs is involved are: Management of large fleet movements; Locating assets for private fleet, trucks, persons, …
Planning and dispatching of transports or services taking into account sla’s, skills management; Analyzing driving behavior, accident management and analysis, …

EuroTracs acquired its expertise within those domains and because of various projects and technical relations between the different products, we are always searching to share our functional and technical knowledge. We are convinced that transport, logistics and mobility are getting strongly related and eco-systems are the base of winning teams.


Product news

  • eConnect improves the visual traceability of your transport!

    It is important for both the shipper and the carrier – who in turn make extensive use of charters today – to detect problems at a glance in order to take proactive action.

    eConnect has the necessary tools, such as the shipment overview and alarm functions, to be the perfect control tower for all your loads on the move. But we also ensure today that you can detect potential problems very clearly and immediately through the integrated mapping software. This in combination with the details of a shipment, so that you as shipper, carrier or end customer have the information immediately available to take action.

  • EuroTracs and S3PWeb: partners in data exchange for eConnect!

    In recent years, road transport professionals have seen new technologies take a prominent place in the organization of their businesses. The various vehicles up to now equipped with telematics solutions “second-mounts” come out of factory already equipped with a manufacturer solution. S3PWeb harmonizes all this data to make the exchange to other platforms – which are in need of that information – to follow-up movements. The S3PWeb platform allows the carrier to focus on their core business and enables the data exchange requested by the different parties, collaborating with those carriers.

    eConnect, the platform for the exchange and monitoring of shipments, is specialised in the processing of truck data in relation to the movements where those assets are assigned.

    Since eConnect has connected many carriers, who in turn work for customers who use this platform, the integration has created a win-win situation. Thanks to our link with S3PWeb, carriers can meet the demands of their clients in a very simple way, and with eConnect EuroTracs can proactively point out to its customers potential problems during the execution of assignments.

  • eConnect follows your logistics movements even better!

    eConnect follows your logistics movements even better!
    eConnect, the platform for monitoring shipments – independent of a telematics solution or TMS system – is evolving even faster and again offers many new functionalities.

    In the rapidly changing world of goods and package transport, it is becoming increasingly important to use carriers in a dynamic way. But customers or end users also want to know more quickly where their goods are situated. But it is also important for you as a shipper, carrier or logistics provider to continuously monitor the performance of your transport movements.

    eConnect Logistic Control Tower

    That is why EuroTracs invests daily in the development of eConnect, so that you can quickly engage today’s carriers with their various telematics systems and specialisation. This requires one central control tower to be able to respond quickly to potential problems that may arise during the execution of assignments.

    With today more than 150 working telematics’ integrations, more than 200,000 monitored shipments per month, and more than 60 million processed positions per day, we offer a solution that can be fully integrated within your own solutions.

    More information: https://www.eurotracs.com.

  • EuroTracs: de one-stop-shop solution for your logistical needs

    Are you a transport company or logistics service provider looking for a solution that automates the entire circle from collection to delivery, then we are your partner.


  • Assign and follow-up your shipment directly from the cabine

    Are you also contracting independent drivers not coming to their office, or not using a telematics unit? Is it also difficult to share a detailed assignment with those drivers? But most of all, are you also in need in detailed follow-up of the goods within those shipments?

    From eConnect, you can share a detailed shipment directly with the driver by simply sending an SMS. Once the eConnect App is installed, the receiver gets a detailed view of the assignment, and he can deliver even more quality by sharing detailed information like:

    Arrival and departure times

    And this way you can anticipate very fast on certain situations, and even share information in real-time with your customers.

  • TBox: follow your trailers in real time and worldwide


    Worldwide location of your trailers
    Trip detection via ignition and GPS speed
    Waterproof IP67 housing
    Internal SD card for offline data storage
    Messages are sent to eTrans via GPRS
    The EuroTracs TBox guarantees permanent worldwide tracking. The small intelligent GPS tracker records GPS messages and sends them in real-time to eTrans. The housing (IP67) of the EuroTracs TBox is waterproof.

    GPS messages are recorded based on time and direction. The information is then sent to eTrans via GPRS. Every 2 minutes on the home network, when roaming, a current position of the vehicle is transmitted to eTrans every 5 minutes. In addition, a further travel interval message is issued when the direction of travel changes by more than 18 °.

    Trailer Telematics
    In eTrans, the received information is presented in a user-friendly way. It is also possible that messages are sent via our web services to your personal trailer management system.

    The driving or standing recognition takes place via a motion and GPS sensor. When these sensors detect driving, the EuroTracs TBox periodically sends trip-interval messages. When the vehicle is stationary and the ignition is switched off, the EuroTracs TBox switches to DeepSleep mode after 5 minutes. In this mode, the GPS is deactivated and a minimum energy consumption is achieved, so that the vehicle battery is no longer used.

    A back-up battery ensures that messages can be sent to eTrans for up to 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off.

    An integrated SD memory card ensures that all messages are recorded. Messages recorded during an “offline phase” will be sent later.

  • Optimize your logistics process with the one-stop-shop solution from EuroTracs

    Automate your order entry with a customer portal, pick up goods to store in your warehouse, plan for delivery, deliver a POD to your customer?

    With eTrans and eMobile you can automate this entire circle within one solution. eTrans offers you the possibility to organise all these facets within one solution and to provide added value for your customer. With eMobile we facilitate the possibility to scan products in the warehouse up to product level, but also to optimize your deliveries by leaving less faulty products on location. And your customer wants proof of delivery for picking up or receiving the goods? this can be done with the same tools!

    eTrans and eMobile, a one-stop-shop solution that includes both TMS functionalities and telematics solution for your full logistics process.

  • Lambert TVSL optimizes exchange and follow-up of shipments

    Transportation Lambert TVSL, located in Izegem Belgium, did select the eConnect Transport Interchange platform EuroTracs for the exchange of order information with their customers and charters. Besides the exchange, also the data of the execution will be made transparent to the customers of Lambert TVSL

    Transportation Lambert TVSL is a transport company that guarantees already for years quality and transparency. To underline this in the future, Lambert TVSL selected the eConnect transport interchange platform from Eurotracs. Besides the exchange of order data, the eConnect platform will also inform customers during the execution of assignments.

  • Bolloré Logistics monitoring shipments with eConnect

    Based on those values and the constant search to better serve its customers, Bolloré selected Logenios and EuroTracs to monitor a big part of their shipments in France. By integrating their transport companies and different telematics solutions, eConnect Order Execution Monitoring will fullfill the needs of Bolloré to pro-actively alarm customers or their different sites where logistics actions are performed, in case of changes in planning.

  • Real-time follow-up from your own back office software, or as a service to your customer!

    The eConnect platform, which offers both functionality for multi-level order sharing and telematics independent monitoring of your shipments, provides additional functionality to make the integration or external monitoring of these assignments even easier.

    Our platform ensures that you can integrate all events that are triggered by and for a shipment into your own back office applications or can consult very clearly and in detail via the eConnect portal.

    But integration is usually a time-consuming job, or your customer also asks to be able to easily follow up the loads that you handle for him.

    This can be done with eConnect! For each shipment that you follow with our control tower, you can easily integrate or share a monitoring screen with your customer or another party involved in the shipment.