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Human Workspace

Human Workspace


4903 RE Oosterhout

Our goal is to help clients achieve goals by supplying and integrating workspaces with logistical processes and systems. With this we aim to gain maximum productivity and efficiency per employee, without losing sight of the human factor.

How we do this?
- By carrying a wide range of modular workspace products we are able to provide flexibility to our clients.
- Our workspace products are designed in Finland to improve working conditions and with this productivity of employees.
- Our team of Human Workspace Engineers will design the necessary connections and other custom solutions so that the workspace fits the client's requirements and environment.
We first analyse our client's logistical operation and specific requirements, than add our advise and expertise to design the best possible workspaces.
- By being a pro-active and reliable partner for our clients. We like to think in solutions!

Please visit our booth (2.069) where we show you a few examples of productive workspaces The Human Workspace Engineers are present at our booth to provide solid workspace advise.