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Suivo is a telematics and fleet management system that enables optimal fleet management through smart tags, trackers and sensors. This allows you to immediately deploy a trailer that is free, make your planning efficiently and help your customer quickly. Our apps, integration, digital tachograph, etc. are all part of our offer. In addition, we develop solutions for new challenges every day. With our IoT Cloud Platform we offer the most advanced asset tracking.


Product news

  • Van Moer Logistics has selected Suivo for provision of trailer tracking

    Van Moer Logistics has selected Suivo for provision of trailer tracking

    Van Moer Transport, a subsidiary of Van Moer Logistics, is set to equip 600 trailers with the Suivo track & trace system. Van Moer can thus implement better trailer tracking and transport planning. In addition, Suivo will provide a system for tracking tire pressure, resulting in improved safety and fuel economy.


  • VIL has chosen Suivo as the IT partner for their “Cambion” research project

    Can the sharing economy prevent commercial vehicles from standing still? VIL, the innovation platform for the logistics sector, is using the Cambion project to investigate whether the principle of car sharing can also be applied in the logistics sector. Through a process of fleet sharing, transport companies could share trucks and vans at times when they are not using them. VIL chose the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform to try to connect supply and demand easily and quickly.

    The Cambion project is based on an actual logistical problem: the standstill of transport equipment. This occurs during off-peak periods, when transport equipment exceeds demand. Other situations can be supported too; such as when a transporter arrives at a client’s location at an agreed time but faces a locked gate and is therefore unable to unload. Furthermore, he needs his trailer to be empty for loading at the location of another customer a little later. The purpose of the VIL project is for transport companies to help each other in such situations. A driver could, for example, temporarily drop off his full trailer at the location of a partner in the area, and then borrow an empty trailer for the next assignment. Or since peak and off-peak periods do not always occur simultaneously for each transport company, there is also the opportunity to share transport equipment.

    VIL was looking for an IT partner to develop a simulation tool for the Cambion project; this was required to easily match companies that want to share overcapacity of transport equipment, as well as to provide them with the necessary information. On the other hand, the tool must also make the available means of transport visible through a track & trace system. That's why they chose Suivo as their partner for this project.