Why exhibit?

Why exhibit?

Meet the logistic community

Transport & Logistics gives you three days the opportunity to intensively promote your business among potential customers, and is preceded by a marketing campaign in several leading (inter) national trade journals and publications of industrial associations and federations.

Exhibitors active in following sectors:

Transport & Distribution

  • Transport by road
  • Transport by inland waterways
  • Transport by air
  • Rail transport
  • Maritime transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Inland transport
  • Express transport
  • Ecological transport
  • Handling of goods
  • Logistics services
  • Ports and transhipment centres
  • Airports and air freight companies
  • Customers administration
  • Consultancy

Storage and handling of goods

  • Logistics in real estate
  • Warehousing and storage equipment for businesses
  • Internal transport systems
  • Packaging & Sealing
  • Forklifts
  • Picking
  • Transshipping methods
  • Safety & Maintenance

Data communication & software

  • Warehouse Management (WMS) and transportation systems
  • Inventory SystemsTraceability
  • Automatic identification, barcodes, RFID and voice technology
  • Integrated IT solutions
  • E-Logistics
  • Wireless & Mobile Solutions

“I see Transport & Logistics as an excellent opportunity to give a company a fitting face and presence. Together with friendly personnel who enthusiastically assist the visitors, it gives a much completer picture than any brochure or website. You can add an extra dimension, so speak. Admitted, the ROI is not always just as immediate and clear, but in the course of the years we have already been able to secure a number of large and loyal customers through these fairs.” 

Inny Verhelst - DSV Road nv

Transport & Logistics is the ultimate opportunity for networking, profiling services and staff and securing new business.” 

Patrick Van Tolhuyzen – International Cloud Services

The fair supports time management: you can yourself make contacts and visitors can reach you on your stand over 3 days with a minimum of travel.” 

Willy De Decker - Promotie Shortsea Shipping Vlaanderen

Check out pictures from the 2017 edition

17-19 / 10 /2017 @Antwerp Expo

For more information, contact

Véronique Lietaer

Sales event manager
+32 3 280 53 61

Claudia Aguilar Espinoza

Sales executive
+32 3 280 53 24