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Easyfairs is GDPR-proof!

AVG proof

The GDPR took effect on May 25th. The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. The legislation applies to the entire European Union and replaces the “Personal Data Protection Act.” The GDPR relates to the modification and processing of personal data. Easyfairs is GDPR-proof! We would like to give you some more insight into this legislation and the consequences it has for you as a visitor or exhibitor.

The new legislation ensures that we are even more careful with the details of our exhibitors and visitors. Easyfairs attaches great importance to the privacy of exhibitors and visitors. We will therefore not process the personal data of our business relations if there is no basis for it. Our privacy statement contains a detailed description of how we handle the details of our visitors and exhibitors.

It goes without saying that we have our processing agreement and our procedures in order. So it is perfectly safe to have us process or modify your contact lists. Nothing stands in the way of your becoming an exhibitor or visitor of one of our fairs or events!