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Trans.eu Road Transport Platform

Trans.eu Road Transport Platform


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New dimension of road transport logistics

Trans.eu Road Transport Platform is a technology company founded in 2004. We are the creator of one of the most important transport exchanges in Europe and a modern logistics platform for road transport, it is a real TMS class 4.0 connecting loading companies, logistics operators, forwarders and carriers. On the platform, the algorithm constantly adapts the carrier and its vehicles to a given shipper and his freight, looking for the most optimal solutions based also on the principles of machine learning. The platform also allows you to eliminate the need to use phones, emails, excel sheets and text messages, and lets you enter the digital world.

Active Contracts - work on new rules

The concept of "Active contracts" is also unique, ie the comparison of freight rates from contracts with current spot prices on the market, to know when, for example, you need to pay more to get a carrier, and when you can save less.

A new dimension of cooperation with carriers

The largest community of carriers in Europe was created on the Trans.eu platform.

The digital logistics platform is in line with the idea of ​​e-economy. Thanks to the transport exchange community, it is connected to the open market of verified carriers. The Trans.eu platform is a database of over 25 000 of transport companies with a fleet of 150,000 vehicles.

Today our platform is used by over 38 000 of companies and 100 000 users.