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ANSUL Solutions BV

ANSUL Solutions BV


8211AR Lelystad

ANSUL Special Hazards is specialized in advising, developing, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting and fire alarm systems. Over the years (since 1927), we have developed various specialties, including securing storage and transhipment of goods under danger PGS-15. 

Within the market we are recognized as a progressive partner with know how. ' Securing PGS-15 spaces is not something we do 'as well', but this is our full time job. This year we have managed and developed multiple projects. At our booth (1.057) we can show and tell you what we can do for your business.

By our experience in the market we have good collaborations with various renowned consultancies and builders. We have a team of people who are specialize in PGS-15 and 14 and can provide you with sound advice and evt. a UPD.

For storage and handling of risk goods (PGS-15) we offer the following solutions:
◾ CO2 gas;
◾ CO2 low pressure (LPCO2);
◾ Inergas (Inert IG541/IG55);
◾ Foam concentrate;
◾ Foam system;
◾ Foam lab;
◾ Extinguishing monitor.