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PICS Belgium vzw

PICS Belgium vzw


2610 Wilrijk

Who are we ?
• Professional Association for Supply Chain Management
• Non-profit organization founded in 1972
• APICS International Associate for Belgium
• Over 300 members, both individuals and companies – Managers & Executives in Purchase, Production, Planning, Operations, Supply Chain Management & Distribution.

Main Purpose :
• To enhance our members’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field of logistics
• To offer a platform where knowledge of integrated Supply Chain Management is exchanged
• To offer networking opportunities between professionals
Main Activities
• Organization of courses on related subjects such as Production Logistics or Distribution Logistics
• Organization of preparation courses for the internationally recognized certificates of BSCM, CPIM, CSCP and CLTD, awarded by APICS
• Seminars, company visits, network event in Supply Chain Management for both members and
• Supply Chain Award for best projects and best Master’s thesis
• Networking events
• Distribution of leading professional journals to members
• Information, services and Knowledge Hub
• Organization of in-company trainings

Why join PICS Belgium?
The core of PICS Belgium is the body of knowledge that has been developed by leading managers from the corporate environment and eminent scholars.
PICS membership means automatic membership of APICS (USA) with full member benefits.
Other benefits :
• PICS company visits for free
• Subscription to a professional Supply Chain magazine
• Subscription to APICS magazine and access to the worldwide APICS network
• Free attendance of the yearly PICS Networking Event
• Substantial discounts on all educational programs and seminars.


Product news

  • Supply Chain Award - Project of the year 2019!

    With the Supply Chain Award-Project of the Year, PICS Belgium and VIB aim to bring supply chain projects under the attention of management and executives in Belgian companies and government organizations.
    It should stimulate them to invest more in projects that improve the efficiency of their supply chain processes.


  • training "Hands-on Supply Chain Management"

    Supply chain management is critical to the success of a modern company. The effective management of the supply chain makes it possible to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve service.

    In this course we deal with the supply chain fundamentals that are required to effectively manage a supply chain. The teachers apply the principle of “learning through fun”, and use cases, business games and an interactive teaching style.

    Target group:
    Supply chain professionals
    Everybody who is in charge of supply chain professionals or has contact with them
    Professionals who (want to) make a switch to supply chain management