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Oudimmo Logistics bvba

Oudimmo Logistics bvba


2870 Puurs

Oudimmo Logistics was founded in 1985 and ever since, it has been delivering all kinds of cargo to and from Italy.

Oudimmo Logistics' primary activity is to provide a complete logistics service to and from Italy. Our service package covers both complete and partial consignments, which includes the transportation of ADR goods, as well as the long-term storage of goods at our warehouse in Puurs.

Close contact with our agent in Milan guarantees accurate coverage in both Northern and Southern Italy. Daily departures from Puurs and Milan guarantee a very short transit time from the pick-up point to the final destination.

If required, our service can also include the exchange of Euro pallets.

Oudimmo Logistics frequently uses the Freiburg-Novara railroad line, which is operated by R. Alpin, with the objective of optimising the driving and resting times and ensuring a faster transit time.