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Praxas has one mission: to prevent waste by protecting your shipment. As a supplier of means of protection and control thereby Praxas strives to create the safest possible distribution chain to prevent goods being wasted. Bringing risk and solution together demands general risk consciousness throughout the distribution chain. Praxas innovatively contributes to this. Thanks to its years of experience in various sectors it has acquired ample experience in the field of quality control and retention. Solutions as track & trace systems, datarecorders, dessiccants, cargo covers and isolation material covers risks as temperature, moisture, mold, breakage and safety.


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  • Chain-wide logistical approach is the solution for loss of goods

    Damage during transport and storage, caused by moisture, breakage, mold, ethylene, temperature fluctuations, theft or loss, is not an unknown problem within the Transport & Logistics sector. In the distribution chain, goods are constantly exposed to various risks, which they are not always able to withstand. It therefore remains a major challenge to organize transports in such a way that products ultimately end up harmless to the end user. Now it is debatable whether this is only a matter of liability and legal guidelines and how the carrier or the sender is insured against damage or loss of goods during transport. Bob van Velden, founder and director of Praxas, does not think so.

    'A damaged or lost product has several disadvantages. For example, the impact on chain efficiency, when goods do not arrive as planned at the end customer and the transport has to be re-made. The settlement with the insurance company, also a matter of time and money. In both cases, part of that costly capacity is again asked for, which in my opinion can be better spent", says Bob van Velden. "In addition", he states, "there is a good chance that in the event of a damaged or lost transport, the end customer is dissatisfied. He did not receive his shipment, too late, or defective. This can affect cooperation in the future. "

    Praxas prevents waste
    Praxas has a very clear goal, which is the prevention of loss of goods in the logistics chain. In particular, the focus is on the start of the distribution chain. Where many organizations only do something when the damage has already taken place, Praxas looks at the possible risks in the chain prior to the transport and advises companies on the solutions that can prevent loss as much as possible. Praxas has been doing this for more than 15 years, within a wide variety of sectors that have to deal with logistical challenges when it comes to transportation risks such as moisture, temperature, mold, ethylene, breakage and theft.

    Chain insight creates awareness
    Together with the client, Praxas analyzes the distribution chain from A to Z in order to determine the bottlenecks. Where is a specific transport most exposed to which risks? And what consequences are there? For the supplier, but also for the transporter and the final recipient. Many companies are not 100% aware of the risks and consequences when their goods are exposed to these risks. Praxas always looks at the loss of value when loss or loss occurs. This is often larger than people think.

    "We often look at the loss of the goods themselves, but the sales value of the products is forgotten. The awareness that Praxas creates often gives the customer a different view of organizing a (cost) efficient
    chain. Prevention is better than to cure”, says Bob van Velden.

    Transparancy in the chain with test
    Praxas offers a wide variety of solutions that minimize the risks that cause loss, but the best result will be achieved if first insight into what actually happens in that logistics chain. This transparency can be created in the form of a chain test, in which Praxas guides the customer from A to Z in the testing of a transport in order to gain insight into the external conditions during this transport and the consequences these conditions have for the goods. Praxas makes measurements by, for example, sending data loggers, as well as the protective equipment that is expected to reduce certain risks. At the end of the transport follows an extensive report in which specific information shows what effect the external conditions have had on the goods of the customer, and which solutions there are to prevent this in the future.

    Transport & Logistics 5-7 November Rotterdam
    From 5 to 7 November 2018 you can find Praxas at the trade show Transport & Logistics in the Ahoy in Rotterdam. Here, the Praxas specialists tell you more about chain insight and chain optimization and you can view part of the range live. Various short presentations will be given on, among other things, the chain test, cargo covers, data recorders, container liners and desiccants. In addition, you can expect a financial surprise and you can win a dinner at height in the Euromast in Rotterdam.

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