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Jet Car nv

Jet Car nv


9160 Lokeren

JETCAR Express service has a solution to all your transport problems.

JETCAR Express service has an extensive variety of vehicles. We dispose of different types of vans, trucks and trailers. Besides we have different departure points as well, so that we can load your goods quickly every time and keep the transport fee as low as possible.

JETCAR Express service specializes in express shipments. These are shipments carrying the (dangerous) goods immediately, without additional stop, from point A to point B.

JETCAR Express service has more to offer however. We dispose of our own safety advisors, so you can entrust us your shipments of dangerous goods. We have warehouses at our disposal, so we can ensure the storage and transshipment of your goods.

All these possibilities make JETCAR Express service highly flexible, so we can offer the right transport solution any time.