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Our services are social, mobile and simple and in the cloud.
Intris supports all the links in the worldwide supply chain.
Our sustainable solutions are always based on the fast changing business processes of the customer.
Our logistic partners anticipate in a flexible way to a competitive fast changing market.
We are the partner delivering a sustainable and transparent solution to manage changing business processes.
Our solutions: forwarding, warehouse, customs, workflow, Squid, …
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Product news

  • Supply Chain 2020: the five “to do’s”

    When you explain the logistics process to an outsider it sounds fairly simple: ensure that the product is delivered in the correct quantity and in good condition at the correct place and date, preferably also at the correct time.
    But putting this simple scenario into practice is easier said than done, as logistics professionals have always known. They know also that there is no magic formula for managing the supply chain efficiently.
    Certainly not one that applies year-in, year-out, as society, technology and the economy are all constantly changing.
    And the changes are getting more and more rapid. It’s no longer enough simply to “keep up”: you have to be one step ahead in order to stay in the game tomorrow.
    Logistics service providers who want to continue playing a role in the worldwide logistics scene in 2030 will have to be flexible and pro-active.
    So, what are the five trends not to be missed?

    Read the full blog on: https://www.intris.be/en/supply-chain-2020-five-dos/


  • Warehouse management with spreadsheets?

    Four reasons why that’s no longer a good idea
    The number of Excel users around the world is estimated at 400 million. As long as it’s for personal use or private accounting for small businesses there’s nothing wrong with this. Indeed Excel is an excellent tool for drawing up and maintaining simple plans and scenarios.
    For not for more complex, mission-critical applications such as stock control where data have to be distributed so that the links in the supply chain fit together smoothly with one another.
    And yet it is estimated that 50 to 80% of all companies still use such stand-alone spreadsheets to support their business objectives.
    This is despite the fact that logistics processes are becoming more and more complex and the warehouse increasingly forms part of a larger, integrated whole. Is a simple spreadsheet still really adequate for this?
    More to the point: are warehouse managers using the right tool?
    There are four arguments that point to the answer “no.”

    Read the full blog on: https://www.intris.be/en/warehouse-management-spreadsheets/


  • How can logistics operators stand up to the Amazons, Alibabas and Coolblues of this world?

    Amazon is the largest logistics company in the world.
    Alibaba makes contracts with Maersk, Kuehne+Nagel, UPS and others.
    Coolblue manages its own product distribution.

    Many forwarders and logistics service providers are uneasy as a result. Will the internet giants invest more and more in physical goods handling? Will existing logistics companies get swallowed up by them, or simply disappear?
    Read the remedies put forward by Christian Leysen (executive chairman Ahlers), Jan Cools (CEO Be-Mobile) and Wilfried Grommen (CTO Hewlett Packard Enterprise), three top players in the logistics world.

    Read the full blog on: https://www.intris.be/en/logistics-operators-amazon-alibaba-coolblu/


  • Have you thought of a bonded warehouse for your e-commerce merchandise?

    “Distance selling” or e-commerce grew by 18% in Europe in 2015, reaching a volume of 550 billion euros.
    The EU is determined to promote this trade and is working hard to remove the obstacles in its way, by among other things streamlining the European Customs and VAT legislation.
    But already there are plenty of opportunities for logistics service providers to benefit from the e-commerce trend.

    Read the full blog on: https://www.intris.be/en/bonded-warehouse-e-commerce/