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Ligna nv

Ligna nv


2960 Brecht (St-Job-In-'T-Goor)


Experience & Dynamic

Ligna was built in 1948.
Our company has more than 65 years of experience with Just-in-time deliveries.
With our strategic location (in the North of Antwerp) we’re supplying the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Ghent, Bruges, Dunkerque, Brussels, Genk, Liège, … with Dunnage and Timber for Lashing & Securing, but also for Industry.
Heat Treatment :
Since 2010 this family company has invested in heat treatment and offers this new service to its clients (stamps & certificate included).

Ligna is THE perfect partner for Harbour & Industry.

We can offer :
•Dunnage : soft or hard wood - bark / barkless
•Timber : soft or hard wood - bark / barkless - in all dimensions (custom made)
•Wedges : barkless - in all dimensions (custom made)
•Turnsticks : 1st choice hard wood
•Boards : Plywood – OSB – Filmfaced – Hardboard - in all dimensions (custom made)
•Pallets : standard in all dimensions (custom made)
•Heat treatment : all this wood can be heat treated (ISPM15) - we have our own climate room - we stamp every 30 cm - HT-certificates - treatment within 24h