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Engels Logistics nv


3583 Paal-Beringen

The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers.


Product news

  • UN boxes for the packaging and transport of glass ampoules

    Engels Logistics got the request for an inquiry for a UN verified packaging to replace the currently used wooden packaging. The request came with several requirements: off standard measurements, a special type of lid and a short delivery time. Considering these demands, Engels Logistics was able to offer our standard UN verified Rako box.

    The old package is a combination of a wooden outer package with a metal drum and a glass ampoule. This ampoule is wrapped in absorption material and foam and placed in the metal drum. The glass ampoule can contain different ‘dangerous’ materials. Except for the wooden package, the used packages were recuperated.

    In order to anchor the metal drum in our 36-209-UN, a custom made foam interior in LD18 quality was glued into the box. After our boxes passed the tests, a first order for 400 UN-verified boxes with custom made interior in was placed in May this year.