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Eurotracs nv


9620 Zottegem

EuroTracs is an ICT-integrator and consultancy company within the field of transport, mobility and logistics.

Within our organization, we are specialized in offering following services:

1. Our products for transport- and fleetmanagement where we are specialized in offering transport software and related services like the integration of telematics and boardcomputer systems.

2.The development and implementation of software and hardware offered as projects and related to transport, global logistics and mobility within the environment of transport, shipping or services oriented companies. Exampes of projects where EuroTracs is involved are: Management of large fleet movements; Locating assets for private fleet, trucks, persons, …
Planning and dispatching of transports or services taking into account sla’s, skills management; Analyzing driving behavior, accident management and analysis, …

EuroTracs acquired its expertise within those domains and because of various projects and technical relations between the different products, we are always searching to share our functional and technical knowledge. We are convinced that transport, logistics and mobility are getting strongly related and eco-systems are the base of winning teams.


Product news

  • Logenios introduces GS1 and IDS in the eConnect Platform

    eConnect, the shipment sharing and monitoring platform extends its functionalities by introducing the bi-directional exchange of information through the GS1 standard.

    The goal of GS1 is to provide global standards for the identification, registration and sharing of information, to build a more efficient logistical chain. By developing global standards within certain sectors, the implementation of processes and standards are facilitated. More info can be found on the GS1 website.

    Digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on is a soci­al, eco­no­mic and tech­ni­cal trend affec­ting all busi­ness sec­tors. Data is not only a result of pro­ces­ses and sta­tu­ses that are collec­ted and admi­nis­te­red, nor does it only ser­ve the pur­po­se of plan­ning resour­ces, pro­ducts or pro­ces­ses. It is much more that data its­elf has beco­me a pro­duct and forms the basis for ana­ly­ses as a busi­ness asset and stra­te­gic resour­ce for initia­ting inno­va­ti­ve added value pro­ces­ses. Indus­tri­al Data Space gives com­pa­nies a stra­te­gic tool with which they can active­ly shape the way data is hand­led and form the basis for modern busi­ness models. Inde­ed, the­re are alre­a­dy solu­ti­ons or even stan­dards for spe­ci­fic use cases at some indi­vi­dual levels. Howe­ver, this still has not ans­we­red ques­ti­ons con­cerning gover­nan­ce archi­tec­tu­re. Indus­tri­al Data Space now pro­vi­des the first archi­tec­tu­re desi­gned toge­ther with users that com­bi­nes ever­y­thing and simul­ta­neous­ly sets up an inter­na­tio­nal­ly accep­ted stan­dard.

    The combination of GS1 and the Industrial Data Space – integrated in eConnect – leads to a platform which is standardised and accepted within a lot of industries, enabling you to bring your data exchange to a higher level. This integration in combination with eConnect is now rolled out, in one of the biggest steel industry companies in Germany.


  • Aernouts Logistics Support has selected the solutions of EuroTracs

    Aernouts Logistics Support is a service company, specialised in bicycle and tailor made logistics within the Benelux. Their warehousing facilities are located in Schoten. Services are always offered to their customers with a very personal touch. In short, an organization that stands for reliability, expertise and flexibility.

    In their search for a new transport management software and on-board computer system, they selected EuroTracs as their partner for the future. The full TMS systems will be replaced and enhanced with scanning functionalities, and together with the eCommerce module, business processes of that company will be optimised.

    Visit the website of Aernouts Logistics Support


  • Wijnands Bulk Care selects EuroTracs for further process

    Wijnands Bulk Care is a logistics service provider located in Lanaken, Belgium, and specializing in loose bulk products. They provide transport, storage, transshipment (in warehouses), and packaging or processing of materials.

    Their markets are chemicals, recycling, ceramics, and steel; and with our specialized refrigerated tippers we are active in the gelatine industry. The company is large enough to offer you security and continuity, while at the same time being compact enough to guarantee short lines of communication and personal, flexible service. Our Dutch-speaking drivers have a thorough practical knowledge of English, German, and French. From our location on the Belgian-Dutch-German border, they drive throughout Europe for our many large clients.

    Together with EuroTracs, they will automate their business processes by the use of eTrans and eConnect by Logenios. This way they want to deliver even more quality by streamlining their business processes with customers and subcontractors using the different services delivered by EuroTracs.

    Visit the website of Wijnands Bulk Care


  • Transport Th. Wouters chooses to optimise and automate to be future proofed

    Transport Th. Wouters chooses to optimise and automate to be future proofed.

    Wouters will integrate the EuroTracs telematics services with their existing ERP and TMS solutions for better control over data sharing and communication. This will directly integrate the data from the drivers, trucks, customers and partners in their existing processes with the telematics platform of EuroTracs, enabling bi-directional data interchange with the onboard computer. Using eMobile as their future telematics platform will make the follow-up much easier by integrating the workflow functionalities of this solutions.

    More information on Eurotracs: http://www.eurotracs.be
    More information on Transport Th. Wouters: http://www.tcl.be/index.php?pag=trucking


  • Lambert TVSL optimizes exchange and follow-up of shipments

    Transportation Lambert TVSL, located in Izegem Belgium, did select the eConnect Transport Interchange platform EuroTracs for the exchange of order information with their customers and charters. Besides the exchange, also the data of the execution will be made transparent to the customers of Lambert TVSL

    Transportation Lambert TVSL is a transport company that guarantees already for years quality and transparency. To underline this in the future, Lambert TVSL selected the eConnect transport interchange platform from Eurotracs. Besides the exchange of order data, the eConnect platform will also inform customers during the execution of assignments.


  • Seal of Excellence by Horizon2020 of the European Commission

    EuroTracs received the seal of excellence from the European Commission for the submission of its Interchain proposal – related to the eConnect project.

    This proposal was submitted to the SME Phase II program and is related to “sustainable and innovative solutions for transport”.

    By receiving this seal of excellence, and passing the thresholds for all criteria (excellence, impact, quality and efficiency), EuroTracs is convinced that their solutions are very important for SME transport companies enabling them to offer even more quality to the logistic market by integrating their existing solutions and protect their existing investments.

    EuroTracs will even extend functionalities in these platforms to optimize logistic movements to help solve structural, ecological and economical challenges.


  • Euro-Sprinters automates with EuroTracs

    Euro-Sprinters, subsidiary of bpost, automates its services by deploying eTrans and eConnect App from EuroTracs.

    Today, the company offers the best service for all domestic and international sprint deliveries. With local departure points in all provinces of the country, they are all year-round, 24/7 available for all important and urgent shipments.

    With the introduction of eTrans, the management of shipments and planning will be optimised. Additionally, eConnect App will be used withing the business proces to assign shipments to the drivers, and to simplify the administration.

    eTrans and eConnect will be deployed, together with the new customer and partner portal.

    For more information about Euro-Sprinters: www.eurosprinters.com


  • ATO Logistics starts collaborating via the eCONNECT platform.

    Transport company A.T.O. Logistics has selected the eCONNECT collaboration platform provided by EuroTracs for the exchange and monitoring of transport orders with both their shippers and their transport partners. Shippers more often require to provide them regularly with the latest status updates on their shipments. Traditional this implicated a lot of phone calls and additional work for both shipper and carrier(s).

    A.T.O. Logistics specializes in forwarding and transport on the routes Netherlands <-> Sweden and works for large manufacturing companies, including steel producers, which in turn also have to inform their customers (eg automobile manufacturers) about the expected arrival. Their trailers are equipped with the trailer telematics system of Novacom.

    Jan Ledeboer, managing partner of EuroTracs, stressed that the rapid growth of eCONNECT platform proves that precisely controlled collaboratation and information sharing is necessary for most transport and logistics companies. We are pleased that the A.T.O. Logistics has chosen this new approach.