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2100 Deurne

Gosselin is a well established name in the market of logistics.
With more than 80 years of experience, located just outside of the Antwerp Port area, Gosselin Logistics offers complete freight forwarding services by road, rail, air and sea. Other value-added logistics services include warehousing & handling, customs clearance, special packaging, project logistics and event logistics. The Gosselin inland Container terminal is perfectly located, next to the Albert Canal in Deurne and ready and waiting to take your cargo to and from the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam or the hinterland by barge.
Besides our own network of 56 offices in Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia, Gosselin can count on a strong presence in China as well. Gosselin Logistics also handles shipments to landlocked Sub-Saharan countries from start to finish. Collaborating with the CrossTrades network means we have a elaborate network of local agents at our disposal.

Gosselin Logistics - Your one-stop-shop for :

• Sea, air, rail and road transportation
• Warehousing & handling
• Full customs clearance
• Industrial packaging
• Lashing & securing cargo
• Logistical solutions
• Inland container terminal
• Project Cargo
• Exceptional Transport
• Event Logistics
• Supply chain management
• Industrial & project removals


Contact information :
Gosselin Logistics
Belcrownlaan 40 • 2100 Antwerp (Deurne) • Belgium
P +32 / (0)3 360 55 00
F +32 / (0)3 360 55 79
logistics@gosselingroup.eu • www.gosselinlogistics.eu

Oude Leeuwenrui 39 • 2000 Antwerp • Belgium
P +32/(0)3 201 57 57
F +32/(0)3 201 57 50
info@heavy.be • www.heavy.be


Product news

  • Ocean Freight networks Ocean Bridge Lines and CrossTrades announce merger agreement

    Belgium, 8 September 2017 - Logistics networks organizations Ocean Bridge Lines (Singapore) and CrossTrades (Hong Kong) have announced the merger of their communities into CrossTrades OBL. Given their compatible geographical scope and the size of both networks, they will be able to offer their members and their customers unique advantages through central purchasing activities and intelligent supply chain visibility.


  • Gosselin & Logit One: Intelligence in container logistics

    Gosselin & Logit One: Intelligence in container logistics
    In cooperation with Logit One, Gosselin Logistics offers innovative software development for tracking containers and ensuring more efficient shipments. Geert De Wilde, Managing Director of the forwarding department at Gosselin Logistics explains: “Logit One makes it possible for us to track containers from start to finish, from shipping to unloading, and to be able to respond proactively to deviations from the pre-planned route or the pre-determined schedule.”
    “Our SaaS [Software as a Service] is what makes the difference, and on three levels,” Frank Knoors, CEO of Logit One, adds. “First, it increases the visibility of the route the container takes. Data from different sources of information, such as ship movements, transshipments, terminal events and hinterland moves are all consolidated into a single streamlined system and made visible. Secondly, this system can calculate potential alternatives if a discrepancy arises between the planned and actual schedule. It can suggest a different discharge port or multimodal route to ensure the pre-agreed deadline is met. Thirdly, it contains an event management system in which Gosselin Logistics can set its own parameters.”
    Geert De Wilde: “The main idea behind this partnership is to enable our customers to save time and money, maintain the maximum amount of control over their supply chain, and reduce their environmental footprint by eliminating unnecessary transport activities. This extra service allows us to offer a reliable logistics solution for time-critical goods. Gosselin Logistics already offers this service for ocean freight shipments. A solution for air freight is in the works.”


  • Let's Connect : join us for one of our break-out sessions @ T&L 2017

    Gosselin Logistics invites you to one of the Break-out sessions @ the Gosselin Logistics booth during Transport & Logistics in Antwerp.
    Please mark the dates. Pick one of the interesting topics of your choice and be there !Looking forward to welcome you on our booth 1.081 in hall 1 of Antwerp Expo.
    Tuesday, October 17, 2017:
    10:30 - 11:00 The future of logistics in Antwerp - Walter Van Mechelen
    14:30 - 15:00 Africa trade - Rik Spruyt
    Wednesday, October 18, 2017:
    10:30 - 11:00 Lean & Green - Geert De Wilde
    14:30 - 15:00 Event logistics - Joris Leonaers
    Thursday, October 19, 2017:
    10:30 - 11:00 China trade - Hilde Crombez
    14:30 - 15:00 Supply chain management - Karen Van Brussel

  • Gosselin is part of the Crosstrades Network


    The logistics division of the company Gosselin expands its activities and offers new and innovative services. More specifically export from Asia to landlocked Sub-Saharan countries. Datatracking allows Gosselin Logistics to locate the cargo and determine when it arrives at its destination.
    Geert De Wilde (Gosselin Logistics) explains: “Shipping goods to an African harbor isn’t that difficult, it’s the trajectory afterwards to the inland destination that can be problematic. Gosselin Logistics offers shipments to landlocked Sub-Saharan countries in-house from start to finish. Collaborating with the CrossTrades network means we have an elaborate network of local agents at our disposal. They have been screened and apply levels of quality that are similar to ours. In many cases these agents are Belgians who have acquired a thorough understanding of local African customs. Since we offer this service also in Asia through the CrossTainer network one could say that we are the only Belgian forwarder that connects Europe to Asia and Africa.”
    “We are monitoring the data of the cargo, meaning we know exactly where it is on its journey”, concludes Geert. “We offer this service for container transport, air freight and project loads. We are convinced that our logistic services in Africa are attractive to Asian companies with a significant supply chain to the African market.”


  • Connecting Business Magazine

    Connecting Business is the magazine for all partners and customers of Gosselin Logistics


  • Heavy Project Solutions - press release

    Gosselin Group and Heavy Group reinforce service package
    by setting up new holding company: Heavy Project Solutions


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