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RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a technology that uses radio signals for the identification and the tracking and tracing of materials, tools or people.

Aucxis offers powerful and flexible RFID solutions. There are many RFID products on the market, but is not a “plug and play” technology. Being an independent integrator, we identify, in function of our clients’ needs, the most suitable RFID components for their automation projects. In addition to our profound knowledge on RFID hardware, we develop the appropriate software, RFID middleware and interfaces in-house.


Product news

  • Aucxis chooses R-Connect

    RFID facilitates the internal logistics of the 320.000 flower trolleys which circulate on the 5 sites of Dutch flower auction market FloraHolland. All trolleys are equipped with an RFID tag of which the data is collected on more than 120 detection points. On the basis of this data, supply, sales and distribution processes are directed throughout the route covered by the trolleys.

    Via a communication package, the so-called middleware, information is collected by different RFID readers and processed in an intelligent way for further applications such as process control and company software packages.

    R-Connect, the Aucxis middleware package, integrated on the FloraHolland export sites of Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, allows a central management of all RFID equipment used on all sites.


  • Casy Study Alcon Couvreur

    Sampling in clean room 100% guaranteed by Aucxis RFID concept


  • Asset Tracking

    Real time asset management


  • Aucxis introduces the Scan Buddy: the mobile RFID scanner for reading of CC trolley supports

    The mobile RFID scanner developed by Aucxis for the reading of stacked CC trolley decks, scans and validates up to 10 decks simultaneously. After a short testing period, FloraHolland flower market has adopted 7 units.

    The Scan Buddy is a mobile, wireless dolly with swivel wheels. Its 10 individual RFID antennas read the RFID tags which identify and authenticate the CC trolley decks. The validation method was supplied by CC.

    Trumps compared to existing scanners:

    •Ergonomics: easy rolling dolly
    •Scans and validates up to 10 stacked trolley decks at a time
    •(tests reveal that work is done 3 times faster than with existing scanners)
    •Clear and graphic distinction between the different trolley decks
    •No risks of reading adjoining trolley decks / tags
    •New detection concept: no problems with dirty tags (water, dust, snow,...)
    •Faster and user-friendly

    A satisfied user speaks out: "Each day, I scan between 10.000 and 15.000 CC dollies. Thanks to the Aucxis Scan Buddy, I can work much faster, more accurately and more pleasantly than before. It's just so easy!"


  • Belgian Railways selects Aucxis for identification train pool

    For the NMBS “DICE” project which has the objective of optimising the train departure procedure, Aucxis won the contract for the selection and supply of the most suitable RFID equipment (24.000 tags, 200 hand scanners and 32 programming terminals).

    The project, started in 2014, is in a study phase and will be evaluated in practice by the Belgian Railways company this year.


  • Case Study Zaltbommel

    RFID for efficient box pallet management


  • Case Study Hoogvliet

    Dock shelter management system for supermarkets


  • Case Study Ardo

    R-Track - container tracking via GPS-RFID technology


  • Case Study A-Rent

    RFID-ERP solution for rental companies


  • Case Study Rötjes Young Plants

    RFID optimizes management of trays for plant growers


  • Case Study Atlas Copco

    RFID for efficient RTI Management