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Emerson is the leading provider of process automation systems, instrumentation, valves and services for tank storage and bulk liquid terminal facilities globally.

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With 30+ years in the industry Emerson has the experience to offer you consultation and solutions for any phase of your tank gauging project. Key applications include custody transfer, inventory assessment and/or operational control of tank farms at refineries and terminals. Other common use-cases are mass balance and loss estimation, leak detection and overfill prevention.

Learn more: www.Emerson.com/Rosemount-TankGauging
Contact: Sales.RTG@Emerson.com


Product news

  • Emerson's safety technologies to be used in tank overspill protection systems for BP Oil

    Emerson Process Management will install its DeltaV SIS safety instrumented system at fuel storage and distribution sites operated by BP Oil across the UK


  • One Gauge, Double the Protection

    Radar level gauges with two separate and independent electrical units and a common antenna can provide a cost-effective solution for tank overfill protection. Emerson’s Johan Sandberg explains how, in terms of independence and technology diversification, devices using this 2-in-1 technology are compliant with IEC 61511 and API 2350.

    Published in Tank Storage Magazine, December 17/January 18.


  • Level Measurement for Overfill Prevention Applications

    There is no ‘one size fits all’ level measurement technology for overfi ll prevention systems, says Christoffer Widahl.

    Published in Control Engineering Europe, November 2017


  • Article - Stay afloat using radar technology

    The use of tank gauging technology to remotely monitor floating roofs increases safety at terminals.


  • Article - Solving the Seven Most Common Tank Gauging Problems

    Many terminals and tank farms struggle with tank gauging because they use outdated equipment, resulting in unreliable operations,
    inefficient routines and high operational costs. However, modern tank gauging systems can solve these issues, resulting in improved performance and profitability. This article explains how to solve the seven most common issues, mistakes or misunderstandings which arise again and again across many different tank farms spanning the globe. Article published in Tank Storage Magazine, November 2016.


  • Technical article "Rosemount Tank Gauging System"

    New tank gauging technologies reduce cost for improving terminal efficiency and safety

  • Article "Gauge Emulation: a cost effective solution for tank gauging upgrade projects"

    What if you could switch to new radar gauges without heavy investments? Learn more about emulation in this article published in Tank Storage Magazine, March/April 2015.


  • Article Tank Gauging & Overfill Prevention

    Article published in Tank Storage Magazine, Middle East Supplement, Spring 2014.


  • Article "Taking overfill prevention to the next level"

    Published in Tank Storage Magazine, November 2013.


  • Article "LNG Tank Gauging"

    Published in LNG Industry.


  • Press release "Wireless Tank Gauging"

    Emerson integrates Rosemount ® Raptor tank gauging with Smart Wireless technology to expand tank farm automation.