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With more than 100 years experience working within the fluid transfer industry, Emco Wheaton has the pedigree and experience, along with the innovative attitude and skills, required to produce world leading equipment.

From Marine Loading Arms used to safely and efficiently transfer hazardous liquids and gasses from ship to shore, Distribution Loading Arms, Dry-Break couplers and adaptors, petroleum road tanker equipment and a range of refuelling nozzles used to refuel fleets of busses, we are proud of our wide-ranging product catalogue and are satisfied that we are able to meet the growing needs of the oil, gas and chemical industries we serve.

Our products, which are designed and manufactured at our four plants strategically placed around the globe, have been recognised as class leading for decades with clients returning time and time again safe in the knowledge that they are buying the best products from one of the world’s most well respected and recognised brands.

Our manufacturing plants in Houston Texas, USA; Oakville Ontario, Canada; Kirchhain, Germany and Margate, UK are supported by sales offices in Paris, France; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manama, Bahrain; Vienna, Austria; Shanghai, China and Moscow, Russia; as well as a network of trusted distributors covering more than 100 countries globally.


Product news


    The Euro 6 exhaust emissions legislation has led to greener, cleaner tanker trucks and brought emissions and pollutants to a minimum but what have the implications been in terms of tanker design? Has meeting this stringent European regulation required a high standard of technical effort for manufacturers and their suppliers, particularly in light of the additional space required for the Euro 6 exhaust gas system and AdBlue tanks? And has the additional equipment impacted on payload?

    In the bulk fluids transportation market, Emco Wheaton engineers have met the space restriction challenge brought about by Euro 6. By streamlining and making their tank truck equipment more compact and lightweight, Emco Wheaton has ensured that payload capacity is not compromised by the addition of the emissions equipment.

    A good example is in the design of a re-engineered electronic pump metering system which is not only user friendly but features a cabinet design that consolidates a range of equipment in one lightweight, compact cabinet. Easy to fit and install, the M535 series brings the units down in size, so it can be easily accommodated on a truck chassis where space is now a premium.

    The implications of Euro 6 regulations on the road tanker industry has presented many challenges for fleet operators not just in terms of the increased vehicle and equipment costs but also the increased maintenance due to emission diagnostics. Through technological innovation, Emco Wheaton has made design improvements to tanker truck equipment that better suits the needs of vehicles with Euro 6 engines and in the long term, will have a positive impact on the bottom line.



    With operator safety paramount during loading and unloading of road tankers, Emco Wheaton's new TODO Emergency Break-Away Coupling for Bottom Loading Applications will eliminate damages and risk of spillage while ensuring operators are protected against drive-away incidents.
    The tried and tested TODO 4" Aluminium Break-Away has been specifically adapted for bottom loading arm applications with the addition of a TTMA flange. Not only can the device be applied on new loading arms, it also means the break-away can be retrofitted to bottom hose loading arms that currently incorporate this type of flange in their construction.
    The addition of the flange and use of the break-away coupling gives operators peace of mind knowing that should a drive-away incident occur, the break-away will disconnect and minimize risk of product loss. Equally important, the break-away would take the force of the incident thereby protecting the API coupler and loading arm. By keeping the design concept simple, the break-away coupler can be re-set on site after an event with an easy to install kit so any downtime is reduced.
    Emco Wheaton North American Product Manager for TODO Holly Damude said: "The consequences of drive-away incidents are very serious without break-away protection. Our new TODO TTMA Break-away coupler removes the human error element when transferring dangerous fluids."
    The 4" Aluminium TODO TTMA Break-away consists of two identical halves joined together by a series of 3.0mm break-pins, allowing the break-away to be configured to separate at a defined load. Should an excessive load be placed on the loading arm, the pins break and the break-away separates, automatically closing the internal valves. The break-away can then be reset onsite using an Emco Wheaton aftermarket kit.
    This new variant of the break-away coupler is designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment.
    As one of the only suppliers of field proven loading arm equipment in the world, Emco Wheaton's engineering ingenuity has one again been confirmed with the arrival of the TODO TTMA Break-away.



    To extend the life of tank truck equipment and reduce running costs, Emco Wheaton's aftermarket service and support network comprises fully trained mobile technicians and service centres across the UK and Ireland, ensuring the long-term performance and safety of systems and products supplied.

    From basic services to total care packages, Emco Wheaton is on hand to ensure your equipment's effectiveness and minimise costly downtime. Twelve certified and strategically located service centres across the UK and Ireland plus a team of mobile field service technicians are ready to offer assistance whether you require full workshop facilities, mobile engineers or annual meter calibrations.

    Emco Wheaton's aftermarket service and support network can carry out risk assessments, service exchange for key components, supply genuine spare parts as well as the ability to self-verify metering systems to meet NWML standards.

    To share information about our Tank Truck Equipment service capabilities we have created a new brochure which is available here.

    Ian Robertson, Emco Wheaton's Aftermarket Manager said: "We believe excellent customer care is essential in the delivery of high quality services. When you purchase equipment from Emco Wheaton you are entering into a long-term relationship that will not only add value to your process but also ensure the safety of your operators and plant."

    As the global leading supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories, Emco Wheaton's technically advanced solutions meet and exceed the demands of an ever growing and demanding customer base. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, research and development facilities and representation in over 80 countries worldwide - the company's product and service offering is second to none.



    Emco Wheaton is poised to change the face of the bulk fluid transfer industry with the launch of two new products, the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet. They have been designed to make the process of delivering bulk liquids safer, quicker and more effective.

    With the selector and cabinet, operators will no longer have to travel along the API envelope of the vehicle in order to operate the system. Going forward, all the controls are at hand and following extensive field trials, client feedback has been impressive.

    Driver Coach, Bobby Blair, based out of BP's Grangemouth Terminal, has been trialling the equipment and is happy with the additional safety the EW Selector offers. He said: "If there's a failure you are right at the point of control and it's much safer. You can visualise and see what you're doing every step of the way, from a control perspective, it's much better"

    Both the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet were designed to be retrofitted onto tankers already in the field or provided as part of a new tanker system. Equally important, both can work hand in hand or as part of other current systems.

    The EW Selector is a unique new piece of equipment that is fixed directly above each loading or discharging adaptor, allowing the operator to quickly, simply and with reduced risk of error, select the product to be delivered without the need to move away from the tanker API envelope.

    It includes a compartment product grade selector which is able to indicate up to 10 different fluids. The solid-state modular control valve has been designed to operate individually or modularly as part of a pneumatic control system.
    The compact design of the Combi-Cabinet removes the need for large additional control cabinets fitted upstream of the tanker by centralizing controls in one interface which in turn maximizes space and minimizing weight. With all the connections consolidated in one place, this integrated system reduces the need for complicated pneumatics and overfill prevention system looms in separate locations, allowing ease of access and safer operation.

    "The convenience of having the control at the API adaptor along with the product grade selector will give operators more confidence in controlling deliveries," said Emco Wheaton's VP/GM Michael O'Neil. "A key part of any successful development effort is Voice of the Customer. That was certainly true on this project and the feedback and input we received from our customers has definitely helped guide our efforts. We always strive to meet the needs of the industry and these new products serve to prove that point," he added.

    Tank truck systems form a vital part of the Emco Wheaton equipment range for the builders and operators of road tankers. These new components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment.

    Emco Wheaton exists to meet its clients' growing need to sustainably transfer oil, gas and chemicals and by providing innovative and safer solutions at an affordable price. Our engineering ingenuity has one again been confirmed with the arrival of the EW Selector and the Combi-cabinet which will allow for larger and more profitable payloads.

    For more information on how the EW Selector and the Combi-cabinet works visit their pages on this site.



    Emco Wheaton showcased its latest products for the Tank Truck Equipment industry at this year's FPS - the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet with overwhelming interest in the equipment.

    The event, held for the last time at Harrogate's International Centre before it moves to Liverpool for 2016, saw hundreds of visitors from across Europe visit the show, which had grown from filling two to three halls since 2014.

    Emco Wheaton's Marketing Coordinator Marie Evans who arranged the company's attendance and managed the stand said: "Once again it was a great show for us and one that we always look forward to attending. This year, as well as showing off our Emco Wheaton and TODO ranges of products we took the opportunity to survey many of our stand visitors to learn about what they really think of Emco Wheaton. We were pleased to receive positive feedback but always welcome more."

    If you would like to complete a short survey about Emco Wheaton and be in with the chance to win an iPad complete this survey

    The new EW Selector and Combi-Cabinet are set to change the face of bulk fluid transport. Together they assist in the formation of a hugely simplified BLVR system - compared to others currently on the market. For more information on the equipment email emcowheaton.marketing@gardnerdenver.com.



    Representatives from Emco Wheaton, TODO and Gardner Denver brands have returned from StocExpo in Rotterdam having showcased a range of exciting products and delivered a presentation called Evolving Products - Expanding Markets at the leading international event for the bulk storage sector.

    Held at Rotterdam's Ahoy Exhibition centre from the 17th - 19th March 2015, the three-day conference and exhibition provided an important opportunity for Emco Wheaton and TODO to highlight their capabilities to more than 3000 visitors with an incredible line up of products including the TODO Break-Away range and the latest new innovation - the Collar Release Break-Away Coupling.

    As one of 25 industry experts chosen to speak about the region's critical issues and product innovations, TODO Sales Engineer Graham Thompson delivered an engaging and well attended seminar on the product and market capabilities of the Break-Away range.

    Staff from each of the brands, who have years of experience working with the products on show, were also on hand to speak with clients old and new and invite customers to come along and join them.

    "Our exhibition stand at StocExpo was a great success with visitors overwhelmingly positive," commented Marketing Coordinator Marie Evans. "There was a high level of interaction with our sales and technical team which gave us the perfect opportunity to meet up with existing clients as well as discover new customers and contacts."

    With the 11th annual exhibition, StocExpo gave visitors the chance to meet industry leaders in tank design, construction and maintenance, as well as innovations in metering and measuring, pumps and valves, automation, loading equipment as well as inspection and certification services.

    StocExpo has once again provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the brands' industry-leading products which are synonymous with superior technology, product quality and customer satisfaction.



    Emco Wheaton will use ILTA to unveil an innovative piece of software that will make the process of selecting & purchasing a TODO DRY-BREAK more efficient for our clients. The TODO configurator, which will be available for use on iPads, speeds up the process of specifying products and getting quotes and stores a full specification of product should clients wish to re-order in the future.
    The company will also have a full size distribution loading arm and a model marine loading arm on the stand this year for visitors to handle along with a wide range of TODO equipment.
    Throughout the exhibition representatives from Emco Wheaton will be available on Stand 601, to answer queries, network with industry leaders and engage with customers both old and new.
    "We are very excited to show off our new piece of technology" said Emco Wheaton's Americas Sales Director, Darren Sabino. "Over recent years we have been evolving our products to enable them to work within new markets and with new applications and this configurator is the ideal way for our clients to see exactly which of our various products are ideal for them," he added.
    "We are excited to be able to speak with visitors about our Aftermarket services, which we have been improved over the past year with the addition of a number of Certified Service Centres," Darren added.
    Emco Wheaton's TODO DRY-BREAK couplers currently include the widely respected TODO-MATIC, TODO-GAS and Aviation couplings ranges, all of which are adaptable to handle almost any fluid and gas. Engineers are also currently testing a new range of DRY-BREAK couplers which are due for launch in the summer of this year.
    Emco Whetaon will also be proudly showcasing its range of standard loading arms. Again engineers have been working to create standard parts for many of the company's most popular Distribution Loading Arms.
    Darren said: "We know one of the most important factors our clients consider when purchasing a loading arm is the amount of time it will take for it to be built and delivered to them. By standardising our loading arms, or at least parts of them, we are able to speed up our lead time while also continuing to provide the high quality equipment Emco Wheaton is known for delivering."
    Now in its 35th year, the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference & Trade Show takes place at the George R. Brown Convention Centre in Houston from June 1-3, 2015.



    After the successful show case of our new Product Selector and Combi-Cabinet at FPS in Harrogate, we are delighted to be able to provide you with further information.
    The small selector which is fixed directly above each loading or discharging adaptor, allows the operator to quickly, simply and with a hugely reduced risk of human error, select a product to be delivered without the need to move away from the tanker.

    The Selector has been designed to be compact and lightweight to assist tank truck operators in their drive to increase payloads.
    For more information on this ground-breaking product contact Emco Wheaton Marketing .



    Emco Wheaton's upgraded Dataplus II M353 Series cabinet is set to revolutionise the process of loading and unloading road tankers.

    The new integrated Electronic Pump Metering System (EPMS) consolidates multiple pieces of equipment traditionally mounted around a road tanker into a single lightweight cabinet allowing for more efficient installation and operator use.

    The compact design means operators spend less time walking around the truck completing their tasks since all buttons are now positioned within the new cabinet. This saves valuable time and minimizes the opportunity for trip accidents.

    As well as taking safety, efficiency, and robustness into consideration, the EPMS has also been designed to help improve the aesthetics of the trucks due to the reduced amount of equipment on display as well as the sleek curved design of the cabinet door.

    Emco Wheaton Regional Sales Manager Tom Cunningham, who was instrumental in the thought process behind the new design, along with Emco Wheaton's Principal Engineer Dan Lewington, said: "Listening to your clients and gathering their feedback is critical for any company to improve their products. We have been working closely with our tank builder partners for many years and their input was the catalyst for this new approach. They wanted a more operator friendly design that did not compromise the tanker robustness and was visually appealing for their clients. The new curved cabinet design looks great and has been designed in such a way that if accidentally left open, once the vehicle starts moving it will close and stay closed due to the new locking mechanism we have used.

    Dan added: "The curved door also means that if pipes are accidentally drawn over the front of the cabinet no damage would be done and the door will simply close reducing the risk of ripping or tearing the tubing."

    Designed for tankers with up to five compartments, the M535 Series control cabinet is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of Zone 1.

    The modular stainless steel construction can be configured for a range of different compartments allowing for future upgrades. A self-latching mechanism means that operators do not need to carry a key for the cabinet.

    Tank truck systems are a vital part of the Emco Wheaton product range for builders and operators of road tankers. All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, protecting the driver and the environment.

    The new M535 Series EPMS confirms Emco Wheaton's position in the market and its ability to provide engineering solutions at an affordable price.



    Set to showcase an exciting range of products at this year’s StocExpo exhibition is Emco Wheaton, TODO and Gardener Denver brands. The leading international event for the bulk storage sector is taking place in Rotterdam from 17-19th March 2015 and Emco Wheaton, TODO and Gardener Denver are gearing up for a busy show.
    The three-day conference and exhibition presents an important opportunity for Emco Wheaton and TODO to highlight their capabilities with an incredible line up of products including a full sized bottom loading arm along with a TODO demo unit featuring couplers and adaptors, and the latest editions of pumps.

    Staff from each of the brands, who have years of experience working with the products on show, will be on hand to speak with clients old and new and invite customers to come along and join them.

    StocExpo gives visitors the chance to meet industry leaders in tank design, construction and maintenance, as well as innovations in metering and measuring, pumps and valves, automation, loading equipment as well as inspection and certification services.

    Expected to attract thousands of delegates, StocExpo will provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the brands’ industry-leading products which are synonymous with superior technology, product quality and customer satisfaction.

    For more information about the products that will be on display or to speak to the staff who will be attending visit www.emcowheaton.com

    Follow Emco Wheaton at twitter.com/emcowheaton and linkedin.com/company/emco-wheaton like them at facebook.com/EmcoWheaton.

  • Strengthening our range of Break-Away Couplings

    As well as being known for some of the best hazardous liquid handling products in the market, Emco Wheaton is equally proud of the attention it pays to its customer needs. In direct response to customer feedback, Emco Wheaton is launching six new products, within its TODO range.

    The new Marine Break-Away Coupling is available in a 4” diameter and is a version of the tried and tested TODO Break-Away Coupling that has been designed to withstand harsh marine conditions with its robust design.

    Engineered to disconnect under straight pull force, separation takes place if a vessel moves too far. The valves, that are present in each half of the equipment, snap shut thereby minimizing any potential spill of liquids into the environment or loss of client product. The Marine Break-Away has a maximum working pressure of 25 bar.

    The standard Break-Away Coupling is now also available in 2” or 3” Aluminium variants as well as a 4” stainless steel version. Emco Wheaton decided to develop aluminium versions in response to client feedback for a lighter version of the trusted stainless steel coupling. The standard Break-Away Coupling is already one of the most popular on the market and the additional variants are part of Emco Wheaton’s long standing commitment to the TODO product line.

    The 2” and 3” aluminium Break-Away Couplings have a maximum working pressure of 10 bar with the 4” stainless steel capable of bearing pressure of 25 bar.

    The final new addition to the Break-Away Coupling range, for 2014, is the Collar Release. It is available in 2” and 3” sizes. The Collar Release is a completely different type of Break-Away which has been designed for use with loading arms and a hose, rather than two hoses. The collar release breakaway is engineered to disconnect if the loading arms travels past the customer designated breakage position. The actual collar is linked via break cable to the loading arm so that once the break position is reached, the collar splits, closing the valves off. In addition to reducing any potential environmental impact from a break, the loading arm is safeguarded and potential costly downtime is avoided. Both Collar Release Couplings are capable of working at pressures of 40 bar.

    Emco Wheaton is exceptionally proud of these additions to the TODO Break-Away Coupling range and has plans to release even more variants in 2015.

    Principal Engineer Sam Blackmore, who worked on the project to bring this equipment to market said: “Voice of our customer is a critical point of our development process. We listened to our clients’ feedback seeking more sizes of the Break-Away Couplings to support their production needs.”
    “We received positive feedback from clients regarding our current variants and we’re equally confident the new versions will be as well received by our clients.”

    If you have suggestions on products that should become part of Emco Wheaton’s TODO range, please contact Product Specialist Michelle Sidders on Michelle.Sidders@emcowheaton.com

    Follow Emco Wheaton at twitter.com/emcowheaton and linkedin.com/company/emco-wheaton. You may also like them at facebook.com/EmcoWheaton.