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Scully Systems NV

Scully Systems NV


2800 Mechelen

Scully Signal Company, the Leader in fail-safe electronic overfill prevention and ground verification technology has systems installed nearly anywhere the transfer of volatile/hazardous liquids occur. Its varied product line is designed to suit specific liquid product handling applications for transport, storage and fueling operations. These applications include: overfill prevention, retained product monitoring, vehicle grounding, reorder notification, vehicle to terminal communications, remote fuel site communications, fuel delivery, tank gauging, and automated fleet fueling systems.


Product news

  • Storage Tank Controller

    Scully is the industry leader in terminal and storage tank fail-safe spill prevention systems. For over seventy-five years, Scully has designed and manufactured innovative liquid handling and detection systems to increase safety and efficiency of petroleum and chemical loading and storage operations. Scully systems for loading gantry, road tanker, railcar and storage tank liquid detection feature patented electronic self-checking® circuitry. These systems ensure the ultimate in safety for high and low level liquid detection as well as vehicle earthing and identification. At StockExpo, Scully will be exhibiting the new Intellitrol® Overfill Prevention and Earthing Control System for loading gantries as well as the ST-15WX Storage Tank liquid Level Detection and Spill Prevention System. This last one is now IEC6150 approved with SIL capability.
    Scully is ISO certified and has direct sales and service personnel in Europe, The United Kingdom and The United States and is represented in over 50 countries.