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2960 Brecht

Wiese Europe is specialized in production, maintenance, and refurbishment of loading arms to transfer liquids, gasses and food aliments into trucks, trains or ships. Additionally Wiese Europe designs and manufactures safety systems such as folding stairs and safety cages for the Chemical, Petrochemical, and food industry.


Product news

  • Wiese bucket conveyors

    Wiese's continuous bucket elevators and pendulum bucket elevators are based on the functional teamwork of a small number of components. The main component for driving force is the Wiese rubber chain.

    High tensile strength is obtained by steel cables vulcanized in the centre of each chain. This makes the rubber chain stretch free. The Wiese rubber chain has unique features which makes it superior to metal chains. It is link and vibration free, silent (below 65dBA), slip and maintenance free, abrasion proof and has no metal grinding. Furthermore it is food approved, corrosion free and resistant to almost all chemicals. It needs no lubrication at all. This makes the rubber chain the outstanding feature of every Wiese elevator.

    For both types of elevator the buckets are guided at the horizontal inlet. As there is no scooping, damage to the product or elevator itself is eliminated. In the vertical, product loss is not possible. At the discharge, the conveyed goods slide out of the bucket gently. The casings, which keep all the dust inside, are built from modules. This gives the opportunity to design different layouts according to the customer's individual needs.


  • Wiese pigging systems

    Wiese Europe can offer you a complete pigging system, going from piggable land and marine loading arms to complete automated production and process pigging systems.

    A pig is an elastomeric part that cleans and completely empties pipe systems. It is pressed through the pipe by means of a propelling agent. An optimum cleaning quality can be achieved upon minimal propelling pressure. This process is called ‘pigging’.

    This technique originated in the mineral oil industry. Today it is applied in any industry (also the food/chocolate industry) that processes liquids and products with high viscosity as well as with a high rate of sediment creation. It is furthermore used for hardening and toxic products, pastes and powders and in production processes that have frequent product change in pipes.

    The main application of pigging technology is the cleaning process, as well as the retention of products upon conveying and dosing of material through the pipe system. Conveying with a pig allows you to use only a few pipes for several tanks. It serves cost reduction and allows for better availability of production and filling devices. It also protects the environment and assures quality.