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TIMM, located in the Northern Part of Germany, is a specialized developer and producer of electronic measurement and control devices for use in hazardous environments. We are the European Market Leader for Grounding Control Devices. Our intelligent explosion protection allows easy commissioning and maintenance, while adhering to the highest safety standards. Prevalent application areas are the petrochemical and chemical industry. Our products provide safe loading and unloading of inflammable liquids as well as qualified access control to hazardous areas.

Together with our global business partners we supply our products around the world by taking the individual requirements of our customers to achieve a suitable application solution. Please contact us for more information!


Product news

  • Improving safety during loading and unloading operations of vessels

    Although marine grounding systems have been in use for more than 30 years there is still a lack of knowledge about the merits of their use. That’s why Timm Elektronik started in 2012 a huge foundation project in conjunction with the Hamburg University of Technology. The long-term studies gave certainty about the safety enhancing practice of using a marine grounding system.

    The main reason for the unsafe environment during landing of vessels is the potential difference between ship and loading bay, caused by the galvanic effect. In a galvanic cell electrical energy derives between two different metals. The vessel, the metal construction of the loading pier and the water as electrolyte in between form such a galvanic cell. The existing voltage difference between anode and cathode will lead to an indefinite electrical current flow in case of any conductive bridge, e.g. while attaching staircases or other equipment.

    The SEK-3 Marine Grounding System is designed according with state of art technology in explosion protection. SEK-3 prevents dangerous situations caused by undefined connections and pays serious attention to the design of the connecting elements as well as the monitoring of electrical conditions while the bonding is established. This is one of the reasons why simple bonding lines or grounding control devices for electrostatics are inappropriate for use at marine applications.

    The design of the SEK-3 Marine Grounding System is based on the knowledge of the realised studies. The clearly visible LEDs are not only at the front of the SEK-3 housing but also at the newly designed Marine Grounding Clamp. The user-friendly combination of explosion protection methods allows to open the housing in hazardous areas for easy access to inside error diagnosis display, to change cables or connection wires. The effective error diagnosis system indicates the reason for occurred errors via 10 LEDs.

    The SEK-3 Marine Grounding System is easy to implement in practice but raises the safe practices with inflammable fluids to the highest level of safety.


  • Networked data communication with EUS-2 Overfill Prevention Controller

    High level real-time communication is one of the key success factors for future fail-safe operations on tank farms. This requires interlinkage between individual electronical devices as well as quick data transfer with the host control system of the tank farm. The newest generation overfill prevention controller puts future technology into practice with bus system interconnectivity specifically for use in hazardous areas.

    The desire to harness technology to elevate safety standards to the next level and improve operating and managing tank farms has led to the development of a completely new generation overfill prevention controller EUS-2, which was brought to market by Timm Elektronik in 2014. The large display unit offers opportunities for the simplification of commissioning at the installation site. The EUS-2 overfill prevention controller features a unique joystick control inside the housing. Easily accessible on the backside of the front cover, it allows an intuitively configuration with a concurrent view to a graphic display for simple handling and easy setting of the configuration. Character-sets are available for all required languages, depending on region of installation in the world. The overfill prevention controller EUS-2 is designed under the intelligent explosion protection concept (IEPC). This includes an intelligent combination of various protection methods. With no flame proof enclosure required, the housing can be opened in hazardous areas during operation for easy access to the internal joystick for configuration, but also to be able to quickly execute maintenance measures within a safe environment.

    READ the whole article about "harnessing the latest technology for the highest safety standards" in the February/March edition 2017 of the Tank Storage Magazine (Vol. 13, NO. 1).