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INTRODUCTION – DYNAGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC PTE LTD (Dynaglass) headquartered in Singapore is a fast growing company with strong technological base in the area of engineered reinforced plastics. Since our inception in 1971, our company quickly became the leader in the development and manufacture of high performance advanced composite products in Singapore and the regions around. Backed by this expertise in technology and high standard of quality, we have built a clientele that associates Dynaglass with high performance advanced composite products.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) – With 42 years in the composite industry, Dynaglass has filed several patents and registered brand names covering countries outside Singapore. Such countries include East and West Malaysia, India, Brazil, Thailand, China, USA and Europe. At Dynaglass we understand and have high respect for Intellectual Property (IP). Dynaglass has an IP Management System which capitalizes the value of our Intellectual assets. Dynaglass has full understanding on how IP and brand name supports and sustains today’s businesses both locally and globally. With this in place, Dynaglass is reputed for conducting our business with good integrity and practices. As such we also manufacture specialist products under customers’ brand name and their processes. We have exclusive long term arrangements in place for several global business ‘partners’.

FUTURE –As Dynaglass continues to thrive, we are exposed to the many high technology manufacturing processes and exotic materials readily available in the advance composite industry of today. The humble glass fiber material commonly termed as ‘fiberglass’ has evolved into the more sophisticated composite materials where fire resistance, heat and conductive properties have become significant in its finished product.

One could say that Dynaglass has been groomed into the industry . Afterall we have come a long way from the ‘Stone Age’, ‘Iron Age’, ‘Aluminium Age’ and now with development of advance composites in automotive, aerospace and aviation. Today, advance composite materials such as carbon fibers, hybrid fibers, ceramic fibres, matrix fibres such as Kevlar®, marks the dawning of the ‘Composite Age’.

PARTNER – Our future lies in “putting it in a nut shell’, integrating the Company’s widely diverse expertise to manufacture products that will solve ‘problems’ for our business ‘partners’. Due to the limitless possibilities in composites, ideas are only limited by the lack of innovation and creativity. At Dynaglass we have a strong applied R & D Team trained to think ‘out of the box’.

Dynaglass…………. Your business ‘partner’ at advanced composite innovations.

STOP EMISSION LOSSES with “Grid-type” Modular Prefabricated Full Contact Internal Floating Roof System (IFR)

At Tank Storage 2013, Dynaglass features its Glass Reinforced Epoxy Internal Floating Roof (IFR) System.

Traditionally, Internal Floating Roofs are made from carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. In 2003, Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd first introduced its patent protected prefabricated IFR made of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE).

All prefabricated materials & components are designed, made in factory and assembled at site to meet reputed standards; API 650-H, ASME RTP-1, BS 4994-1987 & ASTM E-84.

Features and Benefits- DYNAGLASS FRP composite component parts deliver viable solutions to meet critical needs for rehabilitation of existing plant and structures. FRP materials have been used successfully for over 50 years in a variety of demanding applications, including the marine, and chemical plants.

Primary benefits of FRP equipment include:

• Durability (highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue)
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Rapid Installation
• Lower or competitive life-cycle cost
• High quality manufacturing processes under controlled environments

Compared with steel components, DYNAGLASS FRP typically weigh 50% less, can be erected twice as fast and have service lives that can be two to three times greater.

-Feedback from existing Terminal & Tank Farm Owners-

“No maintenance is required as it does not rust, corrode or rot”

“Return on investment of 10 to 15 years and beyond is meaningful”

“It is strong, rigid and stable even at high filling rate”

“We can even use as a safe working platform during maintenance”

“Erection of internal scaffolding is not required for maintenance of fixed roof”

“We do not need to invest and maintain the cost of running a tank blanketing or vapour recovery system”

“It is a full contact roof so no dangerous vapours are trapped below the decks”

Unlike stainless steel and carbon steel roofs, it is lightweight, we could increase storage space without the need to increase existing storage capacities”

It is excellent for storing products like bio-fuels, ethanols, etc.”

To learn more about Vap-O-Loc IFR System Visit, http://vapoloc.com

To go to our company website visit, http://dynaglass.com