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Richards Industries

Richards Industries


OH45209 Cincinnati
United States

Richards Industries is the parent company of six distinct industrial product lines: regulators and control valves from Jordan Valve; sanitary regulators and control valves from Steriflow Valve; ball valves and automated products from Marwin Valve; high pressure - extreme low flow regulators from LowFlow Valve; instrument valves and manifolds from Hex Valve; steam traps and steam specialty equipment from Bestobell Steam Traps.


Product news

  • Piloted Tank Blanketing Regulators by Jordan Valve

    THe Mark 695 Series piloted soft seat regulator is designed specifically to provide accurate pressure control on very low pressure tank blanketing systems. The pilot operated Mark 695 responds to very small changes in tank pressure by throttling open or closed to maintain the desired pressure set point.
    - Accurate regulation down to 1/2" wc (1.25 mbar)
    - ANSI Class VI hutoff
    - 2 available spring ranes
    - 2000 psi maximum inlet pressure
    - Five Cv's: 1, 2, 4, 7.5 (1" only) and 10 (1" only)
    - Standard filter with dripwell to prevent pilot damage
    Ultra lightweight diaphragm for maximum sensitivity