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GG Handel

GG Handel


53221 Skara

Distributor and competent staff
GG Handel imports and distributes canned, chilled and frozen goods from selected producers all over Europe and from the rest of the world. Quality to the lowest cost is our mission. Sun Valley and IDA Storkök is two out of many brands that we market. Our target groups are restaurant wholesalers, catering whole sales and industry customers. End customers are restaurants, pizzerias, fast food stands, school kitchens, personnel restaurants and grocery shops who sell prepared food. GG Handel headquarter with warehouse, administration office and sales office is situated in the southwest of Sweden in Skara. GG Handel is represented with it´s own salestaff all over Sweden.

Long term relations
Since the start, in 1985, we at GG Handel have managed to create and secure long term relations based on a great variety of quality goods, an attractive pricing strategy and punctual deliveries.

Unique storage
Our deliveries are not only punctual. We also provide the market with a unique storage, where most of our 350 products can be delivered to our 250 wholesale customers at least three times a week. With our storage facility for chilled and frozen goods for over 3000 pallets and our new storage facility for canned and dry goods of over 12000 pallets, GG Handel will be the most efficient company on the market regarding unique storage and logistics.

A good deal for you
Do not only regard us as a normal supplier. We emphasize our role as a competent and skilful partner. With your own personal contact within the company, the customer will experience the relation with GG Handel as more personal and as a good deal.