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BKI Kaffe AB



B·K·I Kaffe A/S was established in 1960 by Svend Mathiesen. At the start the company imported coffee beans from Brazil therefore that name – Brasil Kaffe Import – later changed to B·K·I Kaffe A/S.
From 1960 to mid 70th´s the coffee was sold in B·K·I's own coffee shops (about 35 shops). From mid 70th´s to 1988 the products was distributed in their own sales cars, basically to small shops and bakeries.
In 1988 they started to sell through supermarkets, at the same time as their focus in the catering area intensified.
In 1998 B·K·I Kaffe A/S acquired two businesses: Aalborg Kaffeimport and Herning Kafferisteri. And established the same year a subsidiary in Sweden: B·K·I Kaffe AB.