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Sveba Dahlen


51332 Fristad

The Sveba Dahlen Group is a leading global manufacturer in equipment for bakeries and the restaurant and hotel industry, with a wide range of products including planetary mixers, dough mixers, bread lines and ovens. The strong market position is the result of a unique total concept featuring high-quality, innovative products and customized solutions with a strong focus on energy-efficient products. Solutions that help baking result in business: better baking business.

The head office, development, and much of production are all based in Fristad, Sweden. The products are represented in over 100 countries through subsidiaries in Spain, Estonia and Russia, as well as via numerous distributors. The Sveba Dahlen Group also includes the Danish company Wodschow with the Bear Varimixer brand, a well-known supplier of planetary mixers, and the Glimek brand, known for its flexible, high-quality bread lines. Sales amount to over half a billion Swedish kronor and the Sveba Dahlen Group has just over 300 employees.

Sveba Dahlen Group is a member of The Middleby Corporation which is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a broad line of food preparation equipment for the commercial restaurant, residential and food processing industries.


Product news

  • Combination oven Flexismart – perfect baking results despite less space

    Flexismart is the perfect alternative for bakeries demanding less space is occupied. Even though the footprint is small, the baking volume is big and the baking result fantastic due to the rotating stick and the new steam package. Choose between six different types of models – with or without prover and
    deck oven.

  • P-Series P200 - a smaller pizza oven for supermarkets and restaurants with smaller volume

    The Sveba-Dahlen P-Series sets a new standard for baking pizza. The smallest oven in the concept is P200, which is available with one or two decks. One deck has room for 2 pizzas with the dimension of 35 cm. Even if the oven is small, it has all the skills like the big ovens in the P-Series.
    The oven is very well-insulated, resulting in evenly distributed heat throughout the oven chamber and cost savings. A reliable solution that always delivers perfect results, even in high-stress situations.

    External dimensions: W = 1120 D = 591

    Internal dimensions: W = 710 D = 360, divided into 1 stone with a width of 355 mm.

    Door opening height: 140 mm weight
    P201: 98 kg.
    P202: 155 kg.

    Capacity 2 pizzas of 35 cm per deck. The P200 is an extremely versatile pizza oven that can have up to two decks.

    Effect (400V)
    P201 P202
    3,55 kW 7,1 kW

    Ventilation connection
    Only one connection of Ø125. A direct connection is recommended as there is a built-in draft diverter that provides a better working environment. Air flow of about 100–125 cc per hour per deck.

    Connection cable:
    3 m cable included.
    3 phase plug, "plug & play", included with models
    3N/400V and 3N/415V.

    SD-Touch Panel.
    Separate connections for each deck.
    Alarm signal for SD-Touch Panel.
    Premium model - have your oven in red or black!