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Bioextrax AB

Bioextrax AB

D. 33

22362 Lund

Bioextrax is an innovation-based and innovation-driven start-up. We are a spin-off from the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University.

We apply our biobased platform technology for hydrolysis of protein rich materials – a biorefinery concept. This technology has many applications that can contribute to a biobased and circular plastics economy. In particular, the technology is used for production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), a biobased and biodegradable polyester, produced from various organic waste streams. The technology is completely biobased and while we can reduce the production cost significantly, we produce a quality product in a more environmentally friendly way.

The technology also converts poultry feathers into valuable materials. In particular, we quickly and at low cost produce keratin-rich microfibers. The microfibres are first-of-its-kind and can only be produced with the Bioextrax patent-pending method. Their small size (30-200 microns) means a lot of surface area. The fibers further have a hollow-cylindric structure (meaning low density and good insulation properties). The material has high thermo-stability, is water insoluble, biobased and biodegradable. We are currently exploring different applications of this fibers, and have successfully tried to use them as reinforcement in plastics and to compound them with bioplastics to produce biobased and biodegradable textiles.