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Casma AB / Hoffmann + Voss GmbH

Casma AB / Hoffmann + Voss GmbH



Casma AB säljer och köper all form av plastmaterial från malet till nyvaror. Är också agentur för Hoffman +Voss i Skandinavien.
Plastmaterial: PC, PC+ABS, PC+PBT, PBT, PA 12, POM, ABS, PA6, PA66, HD, PP, LD, PSU, PPU and our special grades DYFENCE (UL-listed PC) and DYGLASS (filled with hollow micro glass bubbles)


  • As green as it gets - recompounds of HOFFMANN + VOSS!

    As green as it gets - recompounds of HOFFMANN + VOSS!

    Green is not only our brand colour, but also a synonym for our sustainable work and our high-class recompounds that conserve rare ressources and energy - and we stand behind it with our names!

    With state-of-the-art equipment and excellent staff, we are able to fulfill the requirements of the automotive industry. Regarding not only mechanical and thermal properties, but also odour and emissions and - of course! - the supply availability for the whole model life span.

    DYGLASS: a recompound with micro-glass-bubbles for lightweight solutions!
    DYFENCE: a UL VO listed recompound for flameretardent applications!

    We don't just believe in our recompounds - we know they are perfect!