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21236 Malmö

PU Consulting AB bedriver teknikutveckling i polymermaterial, process och design. Vi har mer än 25 års erfarenhet och bred kompetens inom polymerteknik.

Vi är kemister, tillsatser och polymerproducenter tekniska material, maskiner, process och design.

• Design och förbättring av nya och befintliga produkter och system.

• Leverans av hela systemet - material och maskiner.

• Produktion, översättning och distribution av säkerhetsdatabladsprogram

Vår kärnkompetens är starka möjligheter inom bearbetningstekniken. Vi har specialkunskap och erfarenhet till exempel gjutning, formsprutning, extrudering och sammansättning.
I vårt nätverk har vi även valt leverantörer för att säkerställa högsta kvalitet, maximal flexibilitet och högsta servicenivå.




    Based in Italy, ICMA supplies turnkey systems equipped with state of the art co-rotating twin-screw extruders to cover a wide range of demanding formulations and application requests. Among these, compounding lines and extruders specially designed for wood plastic composites and, more generally, natural fibres compounding, have represented a key area of expertise for ICMA since many years.
    In addition to compounding systems ICMA has developed the so-called direct extrusion, i.e. the simultaneous production of two distinct operations such as COMPOUNDING + EXTRUSION in one single step, has become a key theme in the present market conditions.


  • Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development

    Sometimes paying more is paying less. With the right material you will not only get a stronger
    material that will last longer, but also keep maintenance and down time to a minimum.
    Let’s not forget the less you need to replace a material, the less impact it has on the environment.

    When it comes to strong and green MDI-based high-performance materials
    TECNOTHANE VTER engineering elastomers are the way to go.


  • Solvents cost a lot of money and they are harmful to the environment. MAV clean the dirty solvents in the flexible packaging, coating and painting industries. MAV distillation unit has a short return on investment & saves a lot of money and environment.

    Paint production clean the mixing containers with solvents after paint and varnishes production.
    Printing production use solvent instead of ink to remove residues. Removable parts ,flexible plates are cleaned with solvents in special cleaning machines.
    The most sold versions, has the automatic loading of the dirty solvent, the collection of the clean solvent, and the discharge of the sludge. These functions 100% automated .
    The only operation for the staff has to do is to change the underlying container when too full of distillation residues, and he will be notified via level sensor installed on the container lid that closes and sealed the system.

    With MAV-series distillation the industry:

    • Buy less or no new solvent
    • Reuse the old solvent
    • Less smell in production with closed eco-friendly distiller systems
    • Combined with cleaning and washing equipment
    • No costs for contractor recycling and no transports
    • No or less cost for hazardous waste
    • Fast return of investment.


  • Plasma Surface Treatment machine – 90% reduction of water consumption, a 70% reduction in the use of chemicals and a 60% reduction of energy use. All this has one common denominator: zero toxic discharge.

    PLAfilm - PLAtex - Pair syatem, Air-decontamination and Odour Abatement

    Plasma treatment has started to gain a lot of interest, for it ensures an extremely low environmental impact while providing numerous functionalities to the surface of materials.
    Grinp technology is a real “chemical reactor”, in which the fabric undergoes preparation and finishing “chemical reactions”, achieving the same result of the current, traditional bath-immersion treatments, which require a large consumption of water and of chemical products that are harmful to humans and to the environment. Indeed, the real asset of Grinp technology is to be seen in a 90% reduction of water consumption, a 70% reduction in the use of chemicals and a 60% reduction of energy use. All this has one common denominator: zero toxic discharge.
    Plasma treatment also has a sterilizing effect on any textile or flexible plastic surface.


  • PU Consulting AB is taking smart glasses into the workplace. Working with consultants’ smart glasses such as F4 makes remote assistance, more accurate on-the-spot advice and problem resolution much faster and easier.

    Smart, Safe, Powerful, Industrial:

    GlassUp F4 is a hands-free wearable device designed to push boundaries in industrial. Several pre-installed apps are part of the basic suite which comes with the glasses, but GlassUp developers also support companies, IoT platforms and software houses in integration and customization.

    Featuring an in-built optical system and web cam, the GlassUp system lets the user share a customer’s field of vision, while talking to them at the same time. Running on Windows OS 8 (or later versions), the GlassUp spectacles use a Wi-Fi connection to simultaneously stream images, videos and voice calls. The GlassUp system also comes with its own desktop software.