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Safic - Alcan Nordic AB

Safic - Alcan Nordic AB

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Safic Alcan Nordic is a technical distributor and agent company belonging to the Safic Alcan Group of companies .
Safic Alcan Nordic (SAN) can be regarded as a true Solution provider of Polymers , Active agents , fillers , peripherials and machinery to the Nordic and Baltic Industry. SAN is active in 12 Strategic Industrial Segments having strong portfolios attracting customers.

Company have 15 employees that support and keep the customer in focus in all dimensions of business.

Safic Alcan Nordics are today representing around 80 major international companies in the region having over 2300 raw materials to suggest for solutions to customers. SAN supports this business via 5 warehouses in the Nordics.
Olefin systems: PE/EVA/EEA/EMA/EBA/PP Fillers/Ionomers/Acidcopolymers/Coupling agents/Antistat/Visc. modifiers/Waxes
Engineering Plastics: ABS/ABS-HT/SAN/ASA/TPU/PET/Antistat/
TPE/TPV/TPO: FDA,USP,Transperent,High mechnicals,2K , 3K, High temp and Lowtemp , fully coloured , tailored systems
Polyurethanes: TPU/PUR/Rubber/Chain extenders/Curing agents/release/Pigments/Solvents/flushing solvents
Polyesters: PETa/PETg/PETc/Nucleates/Peroxides/Coupling agents/
PVC: Plasticizers/Stabilizers/Impact Modifiers/Polymeric Plasticizers/Flame retarders/other
Alloying systems: Most systems for managing complex compounds
Life science Polymers:TPE /TPO/SAN/PET/others
Rubber Systems. Complete portfolio including machines

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