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2440001 BATALHA

High Precision Machining, Engineering and Plastic Injection Tools.
Why “Speedturtle”? Turtle- Intelligent, patient reveals persistence, quality, quality, quality in achieving its goals and attention to details. Seems to be slow, but in the end proves to be faster (speed) than its competitors.
Speedturtle is more than meets the eye... Extremely competitive (fast and high-quality tools), due to a simple, flexible and low fixed costs structure, combined with latest technology, wide expertise, of 50 years’ know-how in tooling, and the ability to absorb the synergies existing in the cluster of tools in Portugal. A human resources organization focused on skills where “man is the actor” (relationship system), giving utmost importance to motivation and people’s knowledge, Knowledge and ideas is what drives always one step further.
All the important tasks are done internally: project management, tool concept, moulding area and cinematic, the “heart” of the tool. For all the others, we choose a specific and skilled supplier, which is highly specialized in its product/ service, due to is complete dedication.
Excellence in project management and engineering, regardless of its scope, we provide innovative solutions to "apparently", difficult or even impossible, physical or/and temporal, challenges. You will be surprise how important will be to have a speed “turtle” in your tool injection suppliers team.
How do we want to be recognized?
• 120% Costumer commitment,
• Solutions and innovations ambassador,
• Trustful,
• Continuous improvement,
• Best company to work with,
• Best company to work in.