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As we enter the new millennium, the pervasiveness of digital technologies is defining a new scenario: the era of interconnected things and augmented reality.

Human-machine interaction together with machine-to-machine interaction will become constant and more natural, even second nature. Digital technologies, through miniaturisation, will grow more and more intertwined with everyday life, until they fade into the background and become basically invisible.

We’ve already started to no longer use computers as computing devices: they are more and more sophisticated elements that give us the means to augment external reality and our comprehensive presence on the network and through the Cloud.

Progress will be such that we will no longer see computers as computers, but as an integral part of our world, as an extension of ourselves. This is what we mean when we talk about the disappearance or invisibility of computers: they will become a part of our surroundings and will escape our attention.

The pervasiveness and ubiquity of miniaturised and interconnected computers means that it is no longer a matter of computers – in terms or objects or tools – but is increasingly a matter relating to everyday life.

We see pervasive computers as a mean for making objects smarter and infrastructure greener, and ultimately improve everyday life, making it simpler, safer and more comfortable.

Eurotech's mission is to integrate state-of-the-art computing and communication technologies into innovative solutions to improve Customers’ competitiveness and their ability to cope with the amazing evolution of digital technologies.