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Electronic Environment

Electronic Environment


41251 Gothenburg

The Electronic Environment magazine started already in 1994 and is now the only Nordic newspaper focusing on the areas of EMC, EMI and environmental resistance for electronics. Our editorial focus is on informative texts that are educational for our readers. Throughout the year, we have had many authors of our articles and one of them is Michel Mardiguian, who has long been an internationally renowned author and lecturer in EMC.

Michel Mardiguian has now compiled the large number of articles and course material for a comprehensive handbook, and since January 2019 you can buy the book through Electronic Environment and the publisher Break a Story Publishing. Michael's popular series of EMC articles has also been published on Electronic Environment's international website with readers from all over the world.

The book, which is written in English, contains 10 chapters with self-study questions after each chapter. The book provides a complete overview of all the basic conditions for EMC's knowledge and practice.

Break a Story Publishing is a publisher focusing on technical manuals. In April, the next book is released, which is a handbook on environmental resistance