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URM-Universal Rubber Manufacturing NV

URM-Universal Rubber Manufacturing NV


Verdunstra Brussel

We offer the best technical expertise in the industry, and we support our customers, from the time they request quotation until they receive their parts. We want to be your all round rubber supplier.
The company was founded in 1935 and has since become one of the best Rubber companies in Europe. Today, URM is your partner in the development and production of high-quality rubber moulded articles and rubber/metal parts. With an expert staff, we can realize and design your request. URM considers its customers as partners. We always strive for a long term relationship and continue to look for improvement and optimization.
We have implemented quality and management systems that measure up to the toughest standards. In productions, we have developed techniques and software that make URM products the best in sector. We test every batch of material to verify its key physical properties. Every moulding press is PLC controlled to ensure consistency and optimize productivity. Our entire plant is clean and orderly, and our equipment is well maintained.
To maintain the highest quality, we develop our own moulds. We use inspection machines to check each part for surface defects and dimensional accuracy. URM has also built up a strong reputation abroad in terms of services, quality and expertise.


Product news

  • High quality Viton/(FKM) lined Silicone Hoses

    The bonding properties/adhesion we achieve between the Silicone and Viton layers is cohesive, which exceeds all the required specifications as demanded by various OEMs!

    Choose Viton (FKM) instead of Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) when: Acidic environment is a risk, including some EGR bi-products or when resistance to alcohols and fuel additives is needed. We also recommend using Viton when excellent resistance to Fuel permeation is required or when high-temperature resistance is needed compared to what FVMQ can handle.