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TLC Group is a Swedish-Polish leader in manufacturing and distributing steel stairs and staircases, steel platforms, temporary protection systems for industry and building sectors, innovative tank building system equipment and WALLZIP used to build diaphragm walls.

Combining Swedish experience and knowledge with Polish enterprise since 2005 resulted in numerous global successes in delivering high quality steel constructions to clients around the world. Having our own R&D and Construction & Technological Departments, and a highly automated production plant, we are able to provide reliable products that have been certified with EN 1090 Factory Production Control certificate issued by TÜV SÜD.
Our main goal for the upcoming years is to further expand into foreign markets, and that can be achieved not only thanks to our wide range of steel constructions but also with the innovative tank building system offered by one of our co-partnerships – Nordweld TBS.

Nordweld Tank Building System is an innovative method of erecting high capacity steel storage tanks that reduces time and costs required to conduct such investments. Thanks to our solution, there’s no need to hire lifting cranes and scaffoldings as all the work is performed from the ground level. What’s more, Nordweld’s system offers a fully mechanised welding process, with the outer shell plates of the tank being continually rotated, performed from a single point base location, which simplifies and accelerates the speed of the entire construction process.

Throughout the 14 years of operating in the industry, TLC has established a group of partnership companies which are responsible for promotion and distribution of manufactured goods:

TLC Sp. z o.o. – Main company responsible for manufacturing, designing and servicing of offered products.

Inter TLC Sweden – Scandinavian distributor and assembler of steel structures, specialised in industrial stairs and platforms.

Nordweld Tank Building System – rental of an innovative tank building system


Product news

  • Nordweld TBS - an Innovation in the Industry

    The traditional method of erecting storage tanks requires a qualified group of engineers, a crane for tank elements lifting and a scaffolding for the crew to reach the top of the construction. This requires lots of space, money and time.
    Niklas Nordin and Lennart Karlsson are the creators of the Nordweld Tank Building System.
    In 1999, they have developed and successfully tested the 1st generation of the system. The idea was to rotate the entire tank and weld mechanically.
    In 2014, they developed the current generation focussing on maximizing tank capacity, system flexibility and easy handling.
    In 2018, they developed an additional wheel trolley method for easier coil building construction.
    The Tank Building System is available for rent at any time, dedicated to every tank building company. This innovative system lets to save money and time on each projects investment. As you don't need a crane or a scaffolding, tanks can be built safer at ground level and in cramped industrial areas.



    Remarkably, the project only took eight weeks to be completed.
    It was the first major project that we have undertaken in cooperation with Nordweld Tank Building System AB, and proved to be a great success. It was a combination of a solid yet innovative reservoir project with an ultramodern construction based around safe and strong foundations.

    Thanks to the close ties between TLC and NordWeld it was possible to proceed extremely quickly with the project, creating a reservoir with capacity of 5000 m³ in just eight weeks.

    Reservoir technical parameters:
    - capacity 5000 m³
    - height of 25 meters
    - reservoir diameter 16,3 m²
    - total reservoir weight 91,000 kg, steel stairs 11,000 kg, platforms 3,500 kg.


Job ads

  • Light steel structure engineer - Cracow

    What we offer:

    - work in a stable and dynamically growing company with a strong position in the industry
    - permanent employment based on a contract of employment
    - flexible working time
    - bonus system depending on the results of work
    - team support, not only at the implementation stage
    - possibility of professional development and raising qualifications - courses, trainings
    - English course
    - sports section

    What will belong to your duties:

    - analysis of documentation provided by the client
    - preparation of conceptual designs for acceptance by the client
    - preparation of workshop documentation within the set time limit
    - verification of created technical drawings in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the customer and applicable industry standards
    - preparing material lists, mailing lists
    - product improvement, development of new solutions
    - close cooperation with the production department