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Gpi is market leader in terms of production and sale of tanks and pressure vessels made of stainless steel for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and (petro) chemical industries. From one litre tank in a pharmaceutical laboratory to a reactor vessel with ATEX certification or a container with a capacity of 7,000 m3 ... engineers and technicians with Gpi devote much attention to every detail from design to installation, so to exactly meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

Engineering works
Our highly trained engineers are characterized by a deep knowledge of the specific requirements in various industries. They translate this expertise into practice in design and calculation of storage tanks, pressure vessels and other parts of the production facilities for customers in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. We are able to quickly adapt to customer wishes as we manage the entire specification process and program of requirements for production within our own administration - including delivery and installation.

Gpi manufactures all possible types and sizes of stainless steel tanks for a wide variety of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing industries and in general storage. Each Gpi own production units is specialized in the field of specific products in terms of the staff, techniques and equipment park (including equipment for laser cutting, automated plasma apparatus and orbital welding apparatus) . From small, high-value pharmaceutical process boilers to high-pressure reactors and storage tanks with a maximum diameter of about 12 meters. Larger storage vessels - up to 30 meters in diameter and a capacity of 7,000 m3 - are implemented by our team at customer's site. We do not process carbon steel. It is a conscious choice, resulting from our focus on quality.


Product news

  • Gpi builds a 7300m3 demineralized water tank on site for USG in Geleen

    “Thanks to the professionalism at the GPI construction manager and good cooperation with the project team members of the contractor and subcontractors, we’re more than happy with the result.” Piet Beenhakker, Project Leader at USG.

    The project comprises a flat-bottomed tank with a sump. And that sump alone has a volume of over 8000 litres. The tank also has a conical roof built to the EN 14015 standard that has a vertex of 158 degrees, a diameter of nearly 23 metres, is strong enough to walk on and takes the overall height to over 20 metres. That gives a gross volume of approximately 7600m3 and a net volume of about 7300m3.

    Both stainless steel 304 and duplex steel LDX2101 were used for the tank. The lower part of the body is of LDX2101, which is stronger than SS304 and allows a thinner structure while retaining the structural strength. The tank floor, top and upper part of the body are made of SS304.


  • Gpi builds a 3995m3 demiwater storage tank on site for Dow Chemicals

    The flat bottom tank is a storage tank for the storage of demineralised water for our customer in the chemical sector.

    The project includes a tank with a capacity of 3995m³, a dimension of 19 meters and a total height of approx. 18 meters. The total weight of the tank is 28,000 kg. This tank was produced on site at our customer’s location in Terneuzen using our site construction machine.

    Our unique Coilbuilding machine works with the help of an innovative jack system. The tank is manufactured from the high quality Duplex 2205 material with a 3.2 material certification. This means that the material has been inspected by both the manufacturer and an independent third party and is therefore provided with independent verification of the material conformity.

    In addition, the tank was equipped with a self-supporting domed roof in accordance with the API 650 directive. The convex shape of the roof provides a sturdy construction so that no reinforcing ribs need to be used.