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Oreco A/S

Oreco provides the global oil and petrochemical industries with mobile turnkey automated no-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery systems. Oreco´s technology leading solutions are efficient, cost-effective and profitable for all tank cleaning and recovery needs – from the largest crude oil tanks to smaller oil product tanks. 

Oreco’s expertise is based on several decades of experience, with Oreco systems operating at refineries, tank farms and oil fields around the world. 
As a valued partner to the oil and petrochemical industries, Oreco strives to provide complete, innovative and well-proven solutions that put customers at the forefront of their business.

All Oreco solutions are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and all Oreco systems are constructed to operate safely in potentially hazardous and harsh environments. Oreco has a long-standing commitment to quality and health, safety and environment (HSE). To ensure a consistent and effective management of quality and HSE issues, Oreco conducts its business through a comprehensive management system. The system is formalized via company policies and based on ISO 9001:2015 approvals from independent notified bodies.

The comprehensive Oreco solutions portfolio includes:

• BLABO® - Crude oil/Heavy fuel oil tank cleaning

• MoClean® - Oil product tank cleaning

• MoClean® -ATS Crude oil/Heavy fuel oil/Oil product tank cleaning

• SLOPO® - Slop oil treatment

• NitroGen - Nitrogen generation

Discover how you can benefit from Oreco's industry-leading solutions and services. Visit www.oreco.com.


Product news

  • Oreco SNS - Roof Leg Nozzle

    The Roof Leg - Single Nozzle Sweepers® has below main features:
    • Non-man entry: The nozzles truly eliminates the need for human entry into tanks
    • ATEX-certified: The RL - SNS® are approved for operation
    in potentially hazardous atmospheres 1G/2G (Zone 0/1)
    • Can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks thanks to their robust and durable design
    • All inner surfaces of the tank are thoroughly cleaned
    • Customised PLC programming of nozzles to suit specific
    cleaning needs. This is a unique feature in the market.
    • Far-reaching, low pressure, high impact jetting handling
    washing oil media
    • Extremely useful when a tank is only to be de-sludged
    • Much faster installation of nozzles
    • Easier and faster setting the tanks back in operation or
    preparation of hot-work
    • Hydraulically driven and PLC-operated and -controlled
    • Operation of the nozzles by user-friendly touch screen
    • User-friendly SCADA software facilitates programming,
    reporting and external communication