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EPS Group BV

EPS Group BV


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‘’Creating innovative pump solutions while reducing the carbon footprint’’

EPS supplies total pump solutions in a fault free environment throughout the world for industrial purposes, petrochemical, offshore and the Maritime sector. Being active in such variety of industries has led EPS to become Masters in Innovative Pump Solutions.

EPS meets the highest quality requirements and supplies top quality components, including the pump brands ITT Bornemann and ITT Goulds.

EPS works in accordance with its own turnkey concept to keep the pump installation operational. Drive systems and industrial automation for monitoring and maintaining the pump systems supplied by EPS, but also for existing installations supplied by third parties and upgrades, are developed in-house.

In case of a malfunction, our 24/7 service is always standby.

Choosing EPS is making a choice for a custom made, automatic, safe and controlled operation of your pump system.