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KTW Umweltschutztechnik GmbH

KTW Umweltschutztechnik GmbH


99441 Mellingen

Company KTW
The KTW Group — 3 companies under one roof

KTW Kunststoff-Technik GmbH was established in 1990. The company's primary business was in the area of joint and façade renovation of large housing developments. Over time the service spectrum has been extended according to demand which added renovation tasks such as concrete repairs, coating, sealing and the strengthening of supporting structures with CFRP systems through to dismantling and the demolition of prefabricated concrete buildings.

The foundation of the fully-owned subsidiary KTW Fassadentechnik GmbH in 1996 took the complexity of the integrated external renovation of building constructions from façades, incl. WDVS (thermal insulation composite systems), through to the restoration or renewal of external building components such as balconies and roof surfaces into account.

As the youngest business KTW Umweltschutztechnik GmbH has dealt with the development and application of renovation methods on special buildings in the area of environmental protection, of special seals in the area of the Wasserhaushaltsgesetzes (WHG - Water Resources Act) for refineries, fuel depots, waste water plants, etc. and the strengthening of wind energy plant foundations since 2000. Besides professional execution, Umweltschutztechnik also researches and develops new building materials and application technologies.
Our approx. 50 employees cover the entire region of the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe. The development of individual solutions, our flexibility, the continuing education of our qualified specialists and the many years of cooperation with strong partners are the basis of our success.


Product news

  • DIBt certification "KTW Sealtex" - safe and elastic sealing of leak-catchment areas

    - elastic tank chime seals using ready-made polysulphide systems
    - minimize installation time through preproduction and delivery of pre-cut parts
    - highly elastic and visible tank chime seals
    - lining of contaminated sealing surfaces with a difficult geometry
    - tank chime seals in any size, providing high resistance to chemicals
    - lining of leak-catchment areas
    - concrete repair, joint refurbishment and surface waterproofing systems
    - joint sealing using prefabricated polysulphide joint-sealing strips
    - large-area foil seals approved under the WHG (Water Resources Act)