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INNOVA S.R.L. (former FNC "Tank Protection Division)

INNOVA S.R.L. (former FNC "Tank Protection Division)


21040 Cislago ( Varese)

As of November 2018, INNOVA S.r.l. has been created and has taken over the activities of the former FNC "Tank Protection Division".
INNOVA has been set up as a fully independent company with 100% focus on the core business of Tank Protection Equipment such as Breather valves, Pressure and/or vacuum relief valves, Emergency valves and Gauge Hatches as well as Flame and Detonation Arresters.
More flexibility, faster service and continuous development of new products will also benefit your organisation. Feel free to contact us for any questions and all Tank Protection related enquiries.


Product news

  • NEW Flame Arrestor type developed by FNC

    FNC has developed a new generation of flame arrestors with a brand new and patented construction concept.
    The deflagrationproof end of line type has been tested and approved both in the stand alone version and the valves integrated version.
    The deflagrationproof and detonationproof inline versions are under testing with great improvements and a secure positive result.
    The new concept gives benefits at 360°:
    • Higher performance in terms of drastically reduced pressure drop.
    • Easy assembling and disassembling without any risk of damages of the parts.
    • Easy maintenance with the possibility to clean 100% of the dirtiness.
    • Improved compact and light construction.
    • More safe, avoiding any problem o bad assembling.
    The best performance are achieved in the end of line version for endurance burning where the need of the opening rainproof is disappeared.


  • NEW MODULAR concept Breather Valve developed by FNC

    FNC has developed a new valve philosophy with introduction of new efficient ideas taken from the automotive and the lean manufacturing world.
    The benefits are:
    • Increased number of configurations that help to match in the best way the valve size with the application, reducing the oversizing and the quantity of valves needed to fulfill the requirements.
    • Higher flow performance.
    • Easy maintenance with improved access to the internal parts.
    • Less spare parts needed as for each size, the complete line (pressure, vacuum, breather, inline, end of line, and more) is done with 1 body and the same internal parts.
    • Possibility to upgrade the installed valves to higher performance.
    • Perfect tightness thanks to an easy machining shape of the parts.
    • Product flexibility thanks to a modular system.
    All these benefit leads also to a fast delivery even for high quantities and a total cost reduction.
    The highest benefit is reached with the combination of the valves together with the new generation flame arresters.

  • INNOVA takes over all activities of FNC "Tank Protection Division"

    As of November 2018, INNOVA has been formed as an independent company and has taken over all activities of the former FNC "Tank Protection Division".
    INNOVA will continue and further develop the FNC brand range of products such as breather valves, flame arresters, emergency vents and gauge hatches. A stronger, leaner and more flexible organisation that will also benefit your company's Tank Protection requirements.
    Come meet us @ E13 and learn about how we see the future of Tank Safety.