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SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE:FLOW) is a leading manufacturer of innovative flow technologies, many of which help define the industry standard in the market segments they serve. From its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, it operates a sales and support network, centers of manufacturing excellence, and advanced engineering facilities, throughout the world. Its cutting-edge flow components and process equipment portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers, homogenizers, separators, filters, UHT, and drying technology that meet many application needs. Its expert engineering capability also makes it a premium supplier of customized solutions and complete, turn-key packages to meet the most exacting of installation demands.

Incorporating many leading brands, SPX FLOW has a long history of serving the food and beverage, power and energy, and industrial market sectors. Its designs and engineered solutions help customers drive efficiency and productivity, increase quality and reliability, and meet the latest regulatory demands. In-depth understanding of applications and processes, state-of-the-art Innovation Centers, and advanced pilot/testing technology further assist in optimizing processes and reducing timescales to reliably meet production targets.

To learn more about SPX FLOW capabilities, its latest technology innovations and complete service offerings, please visit www.spxflow.com.