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Oceaneering provides a holistic approach to asset integrity - delivering agile, integrated project execution and integrity management across the asset life-cycle. Pioneering the latest inspection technology and leveraging expert knowledge of our technical people, we provide conventional and advanced NDT across a range of facilities and industries, onshore and offshore.


Product news

  • Oceaneering’s TAXI™ Digital Radiography Solution to Provide Significant Cost Savings

    Typically, radiography uses gamma radiation emitting isotopes. This upsets nucleonic level control instrumentation on pressure vessels and equipment, causing “trips” that result in costly unplanned plant shutdowns and associated process safety risks.

    The TAXI solution enables Oceaneering’s technicians to digitally radiograph pressure piping and infrastructure associated on, or around, equipment fitted with nucleonic detectors. Work can be carried out while the plant is in-service, using a specialized system that delivers pulsed X-rays.

    It provides an optimal non-destructive testing (NDT) solution to detect corrosion, pipe thinning and potential loss of integrity. It ensures continuous operations – significantly reducing LOPC, associated safety risks and also maximizes plant uptime.

    It complies with IRR17 Regulations and does not require plant nucleonics isolation. It can reduce deferred inspections, resulting in increased plant efficiency and also provides significant cost savings.